2023 Year End Review

In the wake of another remarkable year for GReminders, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to you—our users, partners, and collaborators—who are the driving force behind our success. This year’s achievements wouldn’t have been possible without your unwavering support

In a pivotal moment October of 2022, we unveiled our integration with two major CRMs in the Financial Services domain (Redtail and Wealthbox), a strategic move expanding our focus beyond healthcare and small business trades to welcome Wealth Advisors #wealthtech.

The ripple effect of this evolution has reshaped the landscape of GReminders, transforming 2023 into a year unlike any other. From participating in conferences and hosting webinars to expanding our team and forging new partnerships, our journey has been a dynamic tapestry of growth and innovation.

G2’s recognition in the Top 100 of Fastest Growing Products is a testament to our collective efforts. Features like Routing Forms, Post-Schedule questions, Custom Domain, Wealthbox Workflow Automation, and Redtail Activity Template Automation have been born out of your invaluable feedback and engagement.

We’re excited to take you along as we keep adding, growing, and changing for the better. As we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of 2024, be prepared to join us on a journey of continual improvement, expansion, and positive change. GReminders is not just finding a seat at tables; we are determined to carve out space across diverse industries.

Stay tuned for the exciting ventures that lie ahead—we have BIG plans for the coming year. Now, let’s take a moment to revisit the significant platform updates and additions that you may have missed throughout this incredible year!

General Releases

Enforce Your Brand with a Custom Domain

To Index Booking Pages for SEO

Block Emails or Domains from Scheduling

Scheduling Recurring Appointments

Archiving and e-Discovery of SMS, Email & Voice Reminders

Add Terms & Conditions or Disclosures to your Scheduling Pages

Restrict Access to Your Calendar Events in GReminders

Custom Sender ID

Enhancing Efficiency with Custom Fields

Post Schedule Questions for Online Scheduling

Multiple Working Hours and Schedules

Text Reminders with Zoom Link Option

Routing based on CRM Record Ownership

Create and Use Custom Meta Fields from your Google or Outlook Calendar

Grouping Events Together for Reminders

Manage Reminder Templates for Your Organization

Google Color Categories

Manage Event Type Templates for Your Organization

Profiles & Users

Routing Forms for Automated Online Scheduling

BCC Tool for Archiving & e-Discovery

Let your Customers Choose How They Want to Meet with You

Text Reminders Increase Productivity

Approve Events before Final Booking

Visibility within Event Types

Redtail Integration Releases

Automating Activity Templates in Redtail

GReminders Meeting Category and Redtail

Automate Workflows in Redtail CRM

Route Clients to Servicing Advisor in Redtail

Assign Redtail Category When Scheduling Activities Using GReminders

Reschedule Appointments in Redtail Using GReminders

Mapping to User Defined Fields in Redtail

Wealthbox Integration Releases

Automate your Wealthbox Workflows

Mapping to Custom Fields in Wealthbox

Routing to Custom Roles in Wealthbox

And here is a Teaser for whats in store for early 2024:

GReminders Browser Extension (GReminders “Sidebar”) for everyone!

Quick Access to the Actions and Features you use most. Stay tuned for more.

A Big Thank You

As we draw the curtains on this extraordinary chapter of GReminders’ journey, we extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible community of users, partners, and supporters. Your unwavering dedication has been the driving force behind our achievements, making this year one for the books. As we embark on the exciting prospects of 2024, rest assured that GReminders is committed to pushing boundaries, creating spaces, and embracing change.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey—your feedback, requests, praises, and criticisms have fueled our commitment to delivering a product that truly serves you. Join us in anticipation of what lies ahead, as we continue to add, grow, and evolve. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and even greater accomplishments!

Enjoy the Holidays and Happy New Year!

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