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Why does GReminders work well for Hair Salons?

Missed appointments hurt your business. When your client doesn’t show up, you have a loss of productivity and lost revenue.

A recent Forbes article places the revenue from missed appointments in some industries in the billions.

To maximize your billings and capacity you want to make it dead simple for customers to engage with you. The best practice is to remind your salon customers an appointment has been scheduled, send them a couple of reminders prior to the appointment, and then send a follow up to be sure to scheduled their next appointment.

Texting is the simplest asynchronous way to communicate with your customers. Texting has extremely high engagement and response rates.

GReminders handles scheduling, appointment reminders and follow ups with ease. Leverage your existing Calendar and let the background service do all the work.

Our most common plan costs $10/month. A SINGLE appointment saved will typically pay for 1 year of the GReminder service! Stop wasting your precious time, and eliminate no shows or cancellations.

You connect your existing Google Calendar to GReminders, set a template, and text reminders will automatically be sent.

You can even set up appointment scheduling, which allows your clients to book meetings automatically on your calendar.

Or send follow up notifications to remind them to book their next haircut OR ask them to post a review on Yelp, Facebook or similar.

Here is real feed from Hair Salons that use GReminders:

We are a very busy salon, and our no shows were throwing us off. We have people on our waitlist that can be seen, yet we were sitting by waiting on our no shows. GReminders has cut down our no shows by about 75%

– Naomi – Salon Owner
Baton Rouge, LA

We used to have 2 receptionists just to keep up with phone calls to remind our customers of appointments. When one of our receptionists moved, we looked into text reminder services and found GReminders. We were able to save money by not paying an additional receptionist and our no shows have gone way down.

– Eden – Salon Owner
Gainesville, FL

I used to have quite a few people flake on their appointments each week. Since signing up for GReminders, the number of people not showing has gone down about 75%.

– Sebastian – Barber
Seattle, WA

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