GReminders Partners with Osaic to Transform Scheduling and Automation for Financial Advisors

Strategic Partnership Aims to Streamline Operations and Boost Efficiency for over 10,000 Financial Professionals Los Angeles, CA – June 10, 2024 — GReminders, a leading provider of online scheduling and process automation technology, has announced a strategic partnership with Osaic, one of the nation’s largest providers of wealth management solutions. This collaboration aims to bring […]

Are You Overlooking Ways to Enhance Your Client Service?

As a financial advisor, establishing a trusting and communicative relationship with your clients is paramount. Trust forms the foundation of any successful advisory relationship, enabling clients to feel secure and confident in sharing their financial goals and concerns. Effective communication ensures that clients are well-informed, engaged, and reassured that their advisor is attentive to their […]

Personal Reminders: Stay on top of important everyday tasks

We have all been guilty of forgetting to do the things we need to remember to do. With more competition for our attention than ever before, simple tasks like waking up on time, paying bills and taking medication can easily fall by the wayside. In 2024 there are endless “solutions” to this problem. But few […]

Are your clients thinking about leaving you? published the results of a shocking survey conducted by YCharts in February 2024. The survey indicated more than half of advisory clients either left their financial advisor or considered leaving their advisor in 2023. In fact, they were so shocked by the results that they conducted the survey a second time and confirmed the […]

How to Retain Clients When Advisors Leave Your Firm

When an advisor leaves your firm, you have to act quickly if you want to retain clients. According to Bryce Sanders in his article, 7 Steps to Keeping a Client Whose Advisor Has Left the Firm, Think Advisor, Oct. 18, 2021, Step #2 is: Contact Them Immediately While you can reach out to clients many […]