Scheduling for Financial Advisors

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of financial advising, no two scenarios are identical. The financial advisory landscape is characterized by perpetual change and occasional disruptions. However, a steadfast constant in this field is the imperative to foster robust client relationships. The methods may shift and adapt, but at the heart of financial advising lies […]

GReminders Meeting Category and Redtail

GReminders ‘Meeting Category’ option does more than organize your event types – it syncs with your Activity Categories in Redtail as well. This article takes you through understanding the GReminders Meeting Category option, Redtail’s Activity Category overview, and setting up the ability to map Meeting Category to Activity Category. GReminders Meeting Category GReminders Meeting Category […]

Automate your Wealthbox Workflows

Automation in Wealthbox is now made possible through GReminders events. Do you wish you could launch your Wealthbox workflows against specific meeting types? GReminders can now launch your workflow templates in Wealthbox depending on your event type criteria. Understanding Wealthbox Workflows Wealthbox workflows keep your team organized and processes streamlined but cannot launch automatically when […]

Automate Workflows in Redtail CRM

GReminders makes triggering Redtail Workflows easy. Typically, triggering workflows in Redtail consists of using Redtail’s built-in feature “Automations”; for some, building those out can be tricky. GReminders has the capability of launching one or more workflow templates in Redtail depending on your event type criteria WITHIN the GReminders platform. Read below to learn how! Understanding […]

Post Schedule Questions for Online Scheduling

GReminders automated online scheduling is an excellent way to allow prospective clients and customers to schedule with you. You can create custom questions and map the answers to CRMs like Redtail, Salesforce, Salesloft and HubSpot. Since a unique variable is created when you create a custom question, you can use the answers in your reminders. […]