Send SMS Reminders from Salesforce

Salesforce is a robust and full-featured CRM for sales teams. GReminders is the setup and forget SMS reminder app that integrates with Google and Outlook Calendars. Together, these applications will help you meet with more prospects and clients by reducing your no-shows and automating your scheduling. In this article, we’ll discuss how you integrate GReminders […]

Double Booking Scheduling

If you need to book multiple appointments at the same time on your calendar, GReminders automated scheduling offers a double booking scheduling option. Whether you’re in a business with an extremely high no-show rate or you can conduct multiple meetings simultaneously, you can now allow overlapping bookings on your Google or Outlook / Office 365 […]

Send Outlook Reminders Based on Assigned Categories

Microsoft Outlook Calendar has many features that help you organize your schedule, including the ability to categorize your appointments. GReminders can help you optimize your reminders by sending SMS Outlook Reminders based on the categories you create. Common Uses of Categories Create categories to identify Initial Appointments Categorize individuals who need additional reminders Indicate alternate […]