Automating Activity Templates in Redtail

Activity Templates in Redtail and Their Limitations In the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, efficiency and automation play pivotal roles in streamlining workflows. However, users of the Redtail CRM have often grappled with a notable limitation— the inability to trigger Activity Templates automatically. This void in functionality has been a notable pain point […]

Archiving and e-Discovery of SMS, Email & Voice Reminders

GReminders helps you stay compliant with tools that allow you to archive all of your SMS reminders, email reminders and even voice call reminders. This article will help you understand the differences between the tools we provide and the advantages of each. GReminders SMS Reminders vs SMS Messaging GReminders is reminder software that sends SMS […]

Scheduling Recurring Appointments

GReminders offers a host of Automated Scheduling Event Types, including 1:1, Group/Class Event Types, Team Event Types, Round Robin, All Together, and more… Introducing Recurring Event Types. This means you can let your clients book: Daily Recurring Appointments Daily on certain Weekdays, every Tuesday/Thursday for example Weekly BiWeekly Monthly Every Quarter Every 2 Months etc…. […]

Compare GReminders with Calendly, OnceHub and Acuity Scheduling

This article and the comparison chart below will explore how GReminders compares with Calendly, OnceHub and Acuity Scheduling with a focus on the features and capabilities that are most important to the financial services industry. While other scheduling applications include marketing verbiage indicating their software is “For Financial Services“, only GReminders was built for the […]

5 Ways Appointment Scheduling Boosts Customer Experience

Any successful business owner knows customer service is more than selling products, facilities, and skills. Just as important is providing a high-quality service. This involves not merely product/ service delivery but communication and presentation – the customer experience (CX). And it starts with that first contact with a customer. That first meeting or appointment. For […]

Mapping to Custom Fields in Wealthbox

Custom Fields in Wealthbox Custom fields in Wealthbox are indispensable tools for financial advisors, serving as a critical component in their quest to provide tailored and highly personalized services to clients. These fields offer advisors the capacity to organize, categorize, and segment client data in a way that aligns precisely with their unique business needs. […]