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Simplicity Ops

Simplicity Ops partners with independent and hybrid RIAs who are currently using Redtail or Wealthbox CRM to manage client relationships. Many financial professionals have realized they don’t have the processes in place to serve clients how they desire. In today’s virtual, work-from-anywhere world, having a centralized hub for your firm’s operating procedures is more important than ever.

Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting

Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting specializes in providing tailored CRM Strategy & Implementation engagements. As Redtail Technology Strategic Partners and Wealthbox CRM Subject Matter Experts, our focus is on assisting Financial Advisors and Financial Planners in enhancing their CRM Systems, regardless of project uniqueness. We offer a range of popular deliverables, including customized and best practice reports, personalized workflows, note templates, and/or activity templates. Our expertise extends to designing and implementing company-specific custom fields, tags, keywords, and other advanced Contact Management features. Additionally, we have successfully designed and implemented Opportunity Tracking Pipelines in both Redtail CRM and Wealthbox CRM. Our commitment is to empower financial professionals with effective CRM solutions that align with their specific needs and goals.


With over 30 years of C-Suite experience, Jen Goldman and her team at #MyVirtualCOO are here to help you identify, plan, and implement solutions that boost your people, productivity, profitability, and growth—all with less effort, stress, and costly missteps. Lean on Jen and her team to assess your business, design a prioritized plan of affordable improvements and energy boosts, learn to use change acceleration techniques, and ultimately, enjoy scaling up and wowing your team and clients.


Asset-Map is a pioneering financial technology company founded by Adam Holt that focuses on transforming the way individuals and financial professionals approach financial planning. Asset-Map offers an innovative platform allowing users to create visual maps of their financial assets, liabilities, and goals. The company is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of finance, empowering individuals to make informed decisions, and fostering collaboration between clients and financial professionals. Asset-Map has gained recognition for its commitment to excellence and aims to continue leading advancements in financial technology.

Bento Engine

Bento Engine helps advisors grow their business by efficiently scaling their ability to provide proactive, impactful advice. Our tool embeds directly into the CRM to identify critical, upcoming financial Moments That Matter in the lives of your clients and prospects. These Bento Alerts are combined with multi-format content (Email templates, PDFs, Talking Points, and internal Advisor Development material) so you can engage clients in the way they prefer. Give every single contact in your CRM the advice they need at the moment it's needed with Bento's embedded active assistant!

Mobile Assistant

Mobile Assistant specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for mobile dictation and transcription services, catering specifically to the needs of financial professionals. Our expertise lies in providing cutting-edge mobile dictation services that empower financial advisors to conveniently record and transcribe crucial notes and insights while on the move. We take pride in ensuring high accuracy in transcribing recorded dictations, facilitating the quick conversion of spoken words into precise text. Mobile Assistant seamlessly integrates with various financial systems, streamlining information flow and minimizing manual data entry efforts for financial professionals. Our platform offers tailored workflows to meet the unique requirements of financial professionals, optimizing the dictation and transcription process for heightened productivity. Security and compliance are paramount in our solutions, providing a secure environment for handling sensitive financial information and adhering to industry regulations. At Mobile Assistant, we are dedicated to empowering financial professionals with mobile dictation and transcription tools that elevate their workflow, enhance communication, and contribute to their overall success in the industry.


The main idea behind Intulse was sparked when the founders noticed that many businesses are stuck using old phone systems that don’t do much, and often at a high cost. By harnessing cloud hosted systems Intulse brings cutting-edge communication to businesses, at a better price. Intulse also offers even more: more speed, more flexibility, and more quality features than any other company can. The Intulse cloud-based voice over IP phone system is fully-portable, and can be used anywhere on just about any device. Intulse offers powerful integrations with business solutions, like many CRMs, workflow automation systems, and communication archival tools. Additionally, Intulse offers up-front pricing with no hidden fees, and boasts a 100% US based support team.

Flourish Healthcare

Flourish Healthcare provides IT & Consulting services to small healthcare businesses. We develop custom software and advanced workflows to help streamline patient care and practice management. Our goal is to assist private practices and healthcare providers with accessing enterprise solutions at an affordable cost.