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Send SMS Reminders to Your Hubspot Contacts with GReminders

Remind HubSpot Contacts to Show-up for their Meetings!

Schedule meetings with HubSpot contacts and automatically send SMS reminders using GReminders. Your prospects and clients will remember their appointments and you’ll reduce your no-shows dramatically. Once you set up GReminders and integrate with HubSpot, the application works in the background; schedule a meeting and reminders are sent automatically.

Log Reminders as Notes in HubSpot

Correspondences with your contacts are kept in one place, HubSpot. When our system sends reminders to your HubSpot contacts, the reminders are written against associated contacts as notes. If you need a comprehensive list of every reminder you have sent, GReminders’ logs will provide you with a complete record.

Add New Contacts with Automated Scheduling

Eliminate all the time wasted scheduling appointments when you automate your scheduling using GReminders. New contacts that schedule meetings with you are added to your HubSpot contacts automatically. You can even ask questions during scheduling and map answers to fields in HubSpot. Use our powerful scheduling tool when you integrate GReminders with HubSpot.

We sync to Google and Outlook Calendars

If you use Google or Microsoft Outlook / Outlook 365, you can automatically send SMS reminders to HubSpot contacts by adding them as guests to your events. Our system will recognize their email address and import contact information from HubSpot into GReminders so you can send personalized SMS text reminders.

Additional information on setting up your GReminders + HubSpot integration is available here.

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What is GReminders?

GReminders is an SMS reminder app that integrates with HubSpot and sends SMS reminders from Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. Our automated text reminder service can help you dramatically reduce no-shows.

Can I receive an appointment confirmation text message from my clients?

Yes, a client’s SMS appointment confirmation will be forwarded to you. Not only does GReminders provide you a way to remind your clients of appointments, but it also acts as a text message confirmation service.

Can I use GReminders as an online scheduling tool?

Yes, GReminders makes calendar automation possible by allowing you to create online scheduling for Google Calendar and online scheduling for Outlook. When new clients schedule with you using GReminders automated scheduling, a new contact will be created in HubSpot.

Can I send both SMS text reminders and email reminders?

Yes, you can send appointment reminders via text and email reminders to be delivered at the same time, ensuring your clients receive the information.

Can I see appointment confirmations on my Google/Outlook Calendar?

Yes, when clients confirm or cancel appointments by replying Yes or No to text message or email reminders, you will see either a checkmark or an X on your Google or Outlook calendar so you can quickly scan your events to see who has confirmed and who hasn't.

Can I use GReminders SMS reminder service to schedule follow up messages?

Yes, using our SMS appointment reminder software, you can schedule follow up messages to go out to your clients at any predetermined time you wish following an appointment. Our SMS reminder system can be used to keep your company top of mind with clients.