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Why does GReminders work well for Therapists?

According to an NIH study, between four and twelve percent of appointments are missed each year. For mental health professionals, this percentage increases to as much as 50 percent!

That is a staggering number.

To maximize your billings and capacity you want to make it really simple for customers to engage with you. The best practice is to remind your patients that an appointment has been scheduled, send them a couple of reminders prior to the appointment, and then send a follow up to be sure to scheduled their next appointment.

Texting is the simplest asynchronous way to communicate with your patients. Texting has extremely high engagement and response rates.

GReminders handles scheduling, appointment reminders and follow ups with ease. Leverage your existing Calendar and let the background service do all the work.

Our most common plan costs $12/month. A SINGLE appointment saved will typically pay for 1 year of the GReminder service! Stop wasting your precious time, and eliminate no shows or cancellations.

You connect your existing Google Calendar to GReminders, set a template, and text reminders will automatically be sent.

You can even set up appointment scheduling, which allows your patients to book their appointments automatically on your calendar.

Or send follow up notifications to remind them to book their next appointment OR ask them to post a review on Yelp, Facebook or similar.

Here is real feedback from Therapists that use GReminders:

Working in mental health, I tend to have certain patients that would fail to show up for their scheduled appointments. I wasn’t comfortable using my actual cell phone to remind them of their appointment, and calling just wasn’t feasible since my practice consists of only me. GReminders has cut down on my no shows tremendously!

– Julia – MFT
Albuquerque, NM

Reminding my patients of their appointments has cut my missed appointments by around 35%. The greatest part is that I only had to set the system up once and now I don’t even have to think about it.

– Keith – Psychologist, MFT
Sacramento, CA

So many of my patients have commented on how much they appreciate receiving SMS reminders for their appointments. I run a fairly small practice, and my assistant didn’t have enough time to call everyone to remind them of their appointments. He found GReminders and signed up for a trial. We were sold within the first few days!

– Dr. Lauren Jones
New York, NY

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