Wealthbox Text Reminders for Appointments and Automated Client Scheduling | GReminders

Automate Your Scheduling & Send SMS Appointment Reminders to Your Wealthbox Contacts.

Automate Your Scheduling

Stop the back and forth associated with scheduling and allow clients to book their own appointments with you online. You’ll save valuable time and always have the option to schedule meetings yourself without any change in your workflow.

When new clients schedule with you, their contact information is automatically added to Wealthbox. It can’t get much easier.

Remind Your Wealthbox Contacts to Show-up for their Appointments.

With your Wealthbox account synced to Google or Outlook/Office 365 calendars, simply create an event in Wealthbox and GReminders will send SMS, Email or Phone Call reminders to your clients based on their Contact Record in Wealthbox.

GReminders is setup and forget software. Once you’ve set up your reminder templates, it just runs in the background, reminding your clients of their appointments.

Trigger Wealthbox Workflows from GReminders

Launch one or more Wealthbox Workflows from GReminders automatically when clients schedule appointments with you use GReminders online scheduling. Trigger different Workflows for different activities.

This is your opportunity to automate the entire process from Scheduling to Workflows to Reminders. Setup once in GReminders and it all runs in the background to keep your office running at peak efficiency.

Reminders are Written back to Wealthbox as Notes

Keep track of your reminders in Wealthbox. When GReminders sends a reminder to your prospects or clients, a record of the reminder is written back to Wealthbox as a note.

Stay compliant with thorough record keeping using GReminders and Wealthbox together. Compatible w/ Smarsh, Global Relay and others...

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