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Designed for Google Calendar!

Why does GReminders work well for tattoo shops?

A typical 3 hour tattoo session costs around $400. What happens when your client doesn’t show? You just lost $400. Yes, maybe the client will reschedule, but you are still out your time. Did you know most customers who fail to show up simply forgot? GReminders eliminates last minute cancellations and no shows.

Our most common plan costs $12/month. A single appointment saved will pay for 3 years of the GReminder service! Stop wasting your precious time, and eliminate no shows or cancellations.

You connect your existing Google Calendar to GReminders, set a template, and text reminders will automatically be sent.

You can even set up appointment scheduling, which allows your clients to book meetings automatically on your calendar.

Or send follow up notifications to remind them to book their next appointment OR ask them to post a review on Yelp, Facebook or similar.

Here is real feed from Tattoo Shops that use GReminders:

One missed 3 hour session costs me around $400. GReminders has reduced the flakes, and has more than paid for itself. 

– Ivan – Tattoo Artist
Austin, TX

There is nothing worse than having a client no-show for a 2 hour appointment. Using GReminders has reduced my no shows by more than half. Thanks GReminders!

– Mindy – Tattoo Artist
Las Vegas, NV

I really like being able to decide how far in advance my reminders go out, and being able to send multiple reminders. I was wasting so much time calling my clients to confirm. This system allows me to have more notice on cancellations and I can fill in those spots with people on my waitlist.

– Stella – Tattoo Artist
Cleveland, OH

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