5 Ways Appointment Scheduling Boosts Customer Experience

Any successful business owner knows customer service is more than selling products, facilities, and skills. Just as important is providing a high-quality service. This involves not merely product/ service delivery but communication and presentation – the customer experience (CX). And it starts with that first contact with a customer. That first meeting or appointment. For […]

Unlocking Savings and Efficiency with ProAdvisorSuite: A Comprehensive

If you’re in the financial advisory business, you understand the value of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and tools that can enhance your services and streamline your operations. That’s where the partnership between GReminders and ProAdvisorSuite comes into play. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what ProAdvisorSuite […]

Enhancing Efficiency with Custom Fields

Custom Fields In the past, GReminders exclusively supported custom questions/fields at the “Event Type” level, facilitating the collection of information from clients who made bookings through GReminders and enabling the ability to map to CRM Fields. GReminders now offers the capability not only to write Custom Fields and Questions at the “Event Type” level but […]

Scheduling for Financial Advisors

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of financial advising, no two scenarios are identical. The financial advisory landscape is characterized by perpetual change and occasional disruptions. However, a steadfast constant in this field is the imperative to foster robust client relationships. The methods may shift and adapt, but at the heart of financial advising lies […]

Post Schedule Questions for Online Scheduling

GReminders automated online scheduling is an excellent way to allow prospective clients and customers to schedule with you. You can create custom questions and map the answers to CRMs like Redtail, Salesforce, Salesloft and HubSpot. Since a unique variable is created when you create a custom question, you can use the answers in your reminders. […]