Zoom Plugin for Outlook

Video conferencing software has become the most vital component of any successful and productive team. The Zoom plugin for Outlook allows people to collaborate and meet “face-to-face” when they can not meet in person. Zoom humanizes remote meetings, which is essential when making users feel connected and engaged. In recent years, Zoom has exploded as […]

Send Outlook Reminders Based on Assigned Categories

Microsoft Outlook Calendar has many features that help you organize your schedule, including the ability to categorize your appointments. GReminders can help you optimize your reminders by sending SMS Outlook Reminders based on the categories you create. Common Uses of Categories Create categories to identify Initial Appointments Categorize individuals who need additional reminders Indicate alternate […]

Appointment Confirmation Text Using Automated SMS Text Reminders

Effective client communication in business is important and appointment confirmation is absolutely essential. If you are in an appointment-based business where meeting with clients or potential clients is critical to your success, ensuring that your clients understand when and where an appointment will take place has to be a top priority. Automated Appointment Confirmation The […]

Sales Scheduling Software

Sales Scheduling Software from GReminders can help companies schedule teams of sales professionals for one-on-one initial appointments and for meetings when multiple individuals are required. Initial Appointments with Prospects In the following example, we’ll use a Residential Solar Company with four sales representatives. The goal of the company, when it comes to prospective new customers, […]