Personal SMS Reminders for Google or Outlook or Office 365

GReminders solves for Client Appointment Reminders via Phone, SMS, and Email. But often you want to remind yourself about a Meeting or Appointment. There are many ways to get notified of Events. for Google Calendar Users: The out of the box notification for Google Calendar Users is App-based Notifications. Google removed the SMS Notification feature […]

Match Contacts to Appointments for better SMS Reminders

Do you manage Contacts via Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts? If so GReminders can now automatically match up Contacts to Calendar Appointments and Meetings. Once the setting is enabled it will automatically match up Contact Phone Numbers and/or Email addresses with Events based on Full Name Keyword matching OR email address matching. For example lets […]

HIPAA, BAAs, GReminders with Google and Microsoft Calendar

GReminders is HIPAA Compliant with a BAA. TLDR, Yes GReminders, Google Calendar (part of Google’s GSuite), Microsoft Outlook Calendar (part of Microsoft Office 365 Suite or are ALL HIPAA Compliant with a BAA (Business Associates Agreement). Do the following to get HIPAA Compliant: for Google Calendar / Google GSuite: Sign in to your Google […]