Automate your Wealthbox Workflows

Automation in Wealthbox is now made possible through GReminders events. Do you wish you could launch your Wealthbox workflows against specific meeting types? GReminders can now launch your workflow templates in Wealthbox depending on your event type criteria. Understanding Wealthbox Workflows Wealthbox workflows keep your team organized and processes streamlined but cannot launch automatically when […]

Manage Reminder Templates for Your Organization

Companies and Organizations with multiple users on their GReminders account may wish to standardize the messaging their clients receive. Depending on your industry and company affiliation, client communications may require approval by your compliance department. GReminders has implemented ways to manage and deploy reminder templates for your department or entire organization. Admins and Managers in […]

Manage Event Type Templates for Your Organization

If you are the administrator on your GReminders account and you have multiple users, you can utilize Event Type Templates at the Management Level to quickly setup Event Types for your entire organization. You’ll even be able to assign different templates to various profiles and determine which sections of the templates your users can edit […]

Routing Forms for Automated Online Scheduling

Routing clients to the right individual in your organization is essential for providing optimal customer service, greater efficiency, and overall higher conversion rates and retention. GReminders provides an easy way to accomplish this. You no doubt have experienced routing countless times on the phone. ‚ÄúPress 1 to be connected to sales, press 2 to talk […]

BCC Tool for Archiving & e-Discovery

If you are in an industry that requires 3rd party monitoring of all client communications, GReminders can help. Our system currently logs all your outgoing SMS, email, and voice reminders along with incoming SMS replies within our app. You can accessed the archive under Usage Reports > Delivery > Logs. To understand how to set […]

Wealthbox Integration Setup

GReminders integrates directly with Wealthbox CRM and allows you to: Send Personalized SMS Reminders to Wealthbox Contacts Writeback Reminders as Notes Against Wealthbox Contacts Create New Contact Records in Wealthbox when New Contacts Schedule with You To start your free trial of GReminders and integrate to Wealthbox, follow the steps below. The entire setup process […]

Sending Appointment Reminders in Your Client’s Time Zone

This is a feature is currently for Redtail and Wealthbox CRM Users only. Do you conduct remote meetings with individuals outside your area? Send reminders to your clients based on their time zone. GReminders can detect what time zone your clients are in, based on their zip code. Reminders will then be adjusted automatically so […]