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  • Hours
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SMS / Text / Email / Phone
Appointment Reminders

  • Eliminate No Shows
  • Send Appointment Reminders XX minutes, hours, or days prior to an Appointment
  • Send post Appointment Follow ups, Ask for Reviews or schedule the next appointment
  • Send Initial Booking Notifications
  • Works with your Existing Calendars
  • Automate Rescheduling/Cancellations
  • Customize Your Notifications
  • Works 100% in the Background
  • Grabs Mobile Numbers directly from your CRM
  • Fully Managed Timezones
  • HIPAA / FINRA Compliant

Automated Scheduling

  • Eliminate all the Back and Forth
  • Allow your Customers to Book Meetings directly with you
  • Works with your Existing Calendars, Google, Outlook, Redtail, Wealthbox, etc...
  • Team Scheduling / Round Robin
  • Works how You Work. No Change Management.
  • Integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Webex, Skype, etc...
  • Send SMS or Email Appointment Reminders to eliminate No Shows
  • Native Integration with your CRM
  • Automatic Routing to Contact Owner/Servicing Advisor

CRM Automation

Automations with Systems You Use Daily

  • Work Smarter
  • Native CRM Integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, Redtail, Wealthbox, Pipedrive, and more...
  • Create Opportunities automatically
  • Launch Workflows automatically
  • Put Annual Reviews on Auto Pilot
  • Send Automated Birthday/Anniversary Notifications
  • Handle Repapering
  • Create Activities Automatically
  • Automate New Contact Creation
  • Custom Fields Natively Supported
  • Full Contact Sync

Trusted by Great Organizations

All the things you love…
  • Works with your EXISTING Calendar
  • "It Just Works" in the Background
  • Lightning fast Email / SMS Delivery
  • Knowledgebase US based Support Team
  • Low Monthly Pricing
None of the things you hate…
  • Not another Calendar to Manage
  • Uncertainty about Email or SMS Delivery
  • Unexplained Outages and Delays
  • Slow and unhelpful responses from support
  • Expensive add-ons or extras

We're a partner, not just a provider

We are profitable, privately owned, and in this for the long haul

Loved by Users

Rated Top Appointment Scheduling App by G2 Crowd
Rated Top Appointment Scheduling App by Gartners Capterra
Rated Top SMS Appoinment Reminder App by Google Gsuite Workspace Marketplace

I was so impressed how it blew all the competitors away, that I set out to do everything I could to help them become an approved Osaic vendor. It's simple, it integrates with the important tools financial advisors use, and it saves advisors a significant amount of time and money. You can stop looking for the best online scheduling tool, you have found it.

You can stop looking for the best online scheduling tool, you have found it
— Jerry Boda - CFP
Boda Financial

The tool is incrediblly easy to use and set up. Has improved our show rate exponentially! Integration with Hubspot was built for us when we started and works well and are contiunuing to listen to how to integrate it further and has!

improved our show rate exponentially
— Jacob Hahs, Sales Director
One of the best Decisions we have made
— Jonmark Richardson - CEO
The Valhalla Group

GReminders is a HIPAA compliant option that is affordable AND the customer service response is super fast! People can pay when they schedule. Appointment reminders go out by text and email.

HIPAA compliant option
— Dr. Monique Thompson
Collin College

I find this system to be effective in time management. It keeps me organized & allows me the opportunity to maximize my schedule. GReminders will make you more efficient in your daily role & allow you to use time more wisely.

effective in time management.
— Shona Barrett
Metro Property Management

I love it! Affordable and Simple. GReminders solves our problems of playing phone tag with clients. I love that my clients get a reminder and I can send one to myself as well.

Affordable and Simple
— Belen Sanchez - CEO
Belen Sanchez Insurance
GReminders is like having a scheduling assistant
— Matthew Awai - Operations
Seaside Wealth Management

It's simple but complete - Not complicated to use. No training or tutorial needs to start using it. I use it every day and it has wonderful tools to remind me about new events.

Its simple but complete - Not complicated to use.
— Adamary Finol - Chronic Care
ChronWell, Inc

Your service is simple and easy to use, intuitive. The customer service response time is great and detailed.

customer service response time is great and detailed
— Jessica Fealk
Daly Counseling & Consulting

Confirmation SMS Message is the most useful tool that our business using - GReminders is solving our efficiency problems

GReminders is solving our efficiency problems
— Mark D - Business Owner
Perth Chauffeur Company

Love this tool. We have been able to streamline our processes with GReminders. Easy to use. Our customers have easy access to our calendar.

Love this tool. Easy to use.
— Geryl Winterowd - COO
Guardian Financial Wealth
GReminders is like having a scheduling assistant
— Kaylyn Lane - Client Services
Weaver Consulting Group

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What is GReminders?

GReminders is an online scheduling app that integrates with your Google or Office 365 Outlook calendar. It is also a powerful appointment reminder app that sends SMS text, email or voice reminders to clients. Our automated reminder service can help you dramatically reduce no-shows.

How do I setup Google Calendar appointment reminders?

Under Reminders select Client Reminders to open the Client Reminder Templates. Here you can create custom SMS appointment reminders, email reminders and even voice reminders. If you will be creating appointment reminders for your entire organization, select Client Reminders under the Org Setting menu.

Can I send Office 365 appointment reminders?

Yes, GReminders is an appointment reminder service that allows you to send Outlook Calendar appointment reminders and Outlook 365 appointment reminders in addition to Google Calendar SMS reminders.

Can I receive an appointment confirmation text message from my clients?

Yes, a client’s SMS appointment confirmation will be forwarded to you. Not only does GReminders provide you a way to remind your clients of appointments, but it also acts as a text message confirmation service.

Can I use GReminders as an online scheduling tool?

Yes, GReminders is appointment scheduling software that makes calendar automation possible by allowing you to create online scheduling for Google Calendar and Online scheduling for Outlook.

Can I use GReminders to schedule teams?

Yes, GReminders is an appointment scheduler that includes team scheduling when you have two or more users on your account. You can use our appointment scheduling software to schedule teams using Round Robin scheduling or All Together scheduling.

Can I create multiple event types?

Using GReminders appointment scheduling software, you can create unlimited event types with any paid plan.

Can I send both SMS text reminders and email reminders?

Yes, you can send appointment reminders via text and email reminders to be delivered at the same time, ensuring your clients receive the information.

Can I use GReminders SMS reminder service to schedule follow up messages?

Yes, using our SMS appointment reminder software, you can schedule follow up messages to go out to your clients at any predetermined time you wish following an appointment. Our SMS reminder system can be used to keep your company top of mind with clients.

Is GReminders HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, you can send HIPAA compliant appointment reminders using GReminders. GReminders, Google Calendar (part of Google’s GSuite), Microsoft Outlook Calendar (part of Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Microsoft Exchange or are ALL HIPAA Compliant with a BAA (Business Associates Agreement).