PreciseFP and GReminders - Together is Better | GReminders

Streamline Scheduling and Automate Engagements with GReminders & PreciseFP

Elevate Your Advisor-Client Interactions

By integrating GReminders, advisors can improve client communication and satisfaction. Efficient scheduling leads to timely interactions, which are crucial for maintaining strong client relationships. The seamless integration allows advisors to focus on meaningful conversations and personalized advice, rather than logistical challenges

Automate PreciseFP Engagements and Empower Your Clients to Schedule Meetings

When integrating your PreciseFP platform with GReminders, you’ll have the ability to launch PreciseFP engagements automatically when a client or prospect schedules a meeting - conversely, when integrating GReminders with PreciseFP, you’ll be able to embed scheduling links into engagement forms so clients and prospects can schedule meetings once completing questionnaires and data gathering engagements.

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