Automated Scheduling and SMS Reminders for Financial Advisors | GReminders

Automated Scheduling and SMS Reminders for Financial Advisors | GReminders

Save Time with Automated Scheduling

Allow your clients to schedule themselves directly onto your calendar using GReminders automated scheduling system. You’ll always remain in control of your schedule by:

  • Using our Native CRM/Calendar w/ Redtail, Wealthbox, Outlook and Google Calendar Integrations.
  • Determining your availability each day, down to a few minutes if necessary.
  • Utilizing the Appointment Approval Option.
  • Sharing Single Use Scheduling Links to control how often clients can schedule on their own.
  • Limiting the number of appointment types that can be scheduled each day.
  • And so much more!

Remind Busy Clients with SMS Text Reminders

Are your clients busy individuals? If they are availing themselves of your services, chances are your clients have hectic schedules. Why take the chance they may forget their appointment with you? Use GReminders text message reminders to ensure clients show up for their meetings. Set up is quick and easy, and you’ll stop wasting time and money on no-shows.

Schedule Teams or Group Events

GReminders includes Round-Robing team scheduling for initial consultations, All Together team scheduling so two or more advisors can meet with clients, and Group Scheduling for seminars or webinars.

Use our Routing Forms to direct clients to the right advisor’s booking calendar or for pre-qualifying prospective clients.

Embed booking calendars and routing forms directly onto your website and customize colors for a seamless look and feel.

Stay Compliant with GReminders

We know that staying compliant is important. When you use GReminders Direct CRM integration, all your reminders can be written back to your CRM under the contact record.

In addition, reminders messages are archived in GReminders up to 5 years with the ability to download a copy anytime for on-premises archiving.

Finally, GReminders includes an option for 3rd party archiving and e-discovery with companies like Smarsh, Global Relay, Veritas and others.

Direct Integration with Your CRM

GReminders is the ONLY scheduling and reminders app with DIRECT integrations to Redtail and Wealthbox CRMs. We also offer DIRECT integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot.

If you haven’t experienced the advantages of a direct CRM integration (which is far superior to indirect syncing utilized by companies like Calendly), you need to schedule a demo now to discover the difference.

Learn more about Redtail Integration

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