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Integrate Redtail with the Best Scheduling & Reminder App for Financial Advisors

The ONLY Scheduling App with Native Integration into Redtail

Automate Your Scheduling

Stop all the back and forth associated with scheduling and let your prospects and clients book their own appointments onto your Redtail Calendar. When you use GReminders automated online scheduling, you’ll see meetings appear on your Redtail calendar AND if this is the first time an individual has booked an appointment, their contact information will be added to Redtail Contacts!

Trigger Workflows in Redtail

Launch one or more Workflows in Redtail automatically when clients schedule appointments with you using GReminders online scheduling. Trigger different Workflows for different activities.

This is your opportunity to automate the entire process from Scheduling to Workflows to Reminders. Setup once in GReminders and it all runs in the background to keep your office running at peak efficiency.

Remind Your Redtail Contacts to Show-up for their Appointments!

Schedule activities with Redtail contacts and GReminders automatically sends SMS text messages reminding your prospects and clients of their upcoming appointments. GReminders is setup and forget software that runs in the background. Your workflow stays the same, the only difference is more clients show up for appointments, and show up on time.

Log Your Reminders as Notes in Redtail

Keep all of your notes in Redtail. When GReminders sends SMS, email or voice reminders to your clients, a copy of your reminders will be imported into Redtail, against the matching contact, as Latest Notes. If you wish to download a full set of every reminder sent, you can accomplish that using GReminders Usage Logs.

Stay compliant with thorough record keeping using GReminders and Redtail together. Compatible w/ Smarsh, Global Relay and others...

Also Works with Google or Microsoft Outlook Calendars for Scheduling with Redtail CRM

If you love Redtail but schedule your meetings on Google Calendar, Outlook/Office 365 or Exchange, you can still take advantage of GReminders and Redtail integration. Simply invite your Redtail contact as a guest to your Google or Outlook event and GReminders will import the Contact’s name and phone number, allowing you to automate SMS, email or voice reminders. You also have the option of logging your reminders in Redtail while using Google or Outlook calendar.

Loved by Users

Rated Top Appointment Scheduling App by G2 Crowd
Rated Top Appointment Scheduling App by Gartners Capterra
Rated Top SMS Appoinment Reminder App by Google Gsuite Workspace Marketplace


What is GReminders?

GReminders is an SMS reminder app that sends SMS reminders from your Retail Calendar, Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. Our automated text reminder service can help you dramatically reduce no-shows.

Does GReminders Log Communication with Clients

Yes, compliance departments love GReminders for its detailed record keeping. In addition to automatic writeback of reminders to Redtail’s Latest Notes, users can access a complete log of all reminders sent to clients within the application. An extensive log with additional details can be downloaded from the program and shared with your compliance department if necessary.

Can I receive an appointment confirmation text message from my clients?

Yes, a client’s sms appointment confirmation will be forwarded to you. Not only does GReminders provide you a way to remind your clients of appointments, but it also acts as a text message confirmation service.

Can I see appointment confirmations on my Redtail Calendar?

Yes, when clients confirm or cancel appointments by replying Yes or No to text message reminders, you will see either a checkmark or an X on your Redtail calendar so you can quickly scan your events to see who has confirmed and who hasn’t.

Can I use GReminders as an online scheduling tool?

Yes, GReminders makes calendar automation possible by allowing you to create online scheduling for Redtail calendar, Google Calendar and online scheduling for Outlook.

Can I use GReminders to send follow-up reminders to clients after their appointments?

Yes, because follow-up reminders can be scheduled from immediately following an appointment up to 12 months, many advisors use follow-up reminders to remind their clients to schedule their quarterly, bi-annual, or annual reviews. You will also have a record that you contacted your clients on a timely basis, helping you to meet your fiduciary responsibilities.

Can I send both SMS text reminders and email reminders?

Yes, you can send appointment reminders via text and email reminders to be delivered at the same time, ensuring your clients receive the information.

Can I use my Google or Outlook calendar with Redtail CRM?

Yes, GReminders allows you to connect to your Redtail CRM and to your Google and/or Microsoft account. When you invite a Redtail contact on your Google or Outlook calendar as a guest, GReminders imports the contact’s information directly from Redtail.