Schedule Team Interviews & More Using Text/SMS Appointment Reminders | GReminders | GReminders

Schedule Team Interviews & More Using Text/SMS Appointment Reminders | GReminders

Remind Candidates of Their Appointments

If you’re interviewing several individuals throughout the day, you can’t afford to have people show up late for their meetings with you. That can completely disrupt your entire schedule. Make sure they show up on time using GReminders’ appointment reminder system. You can schedule as many reminders as needed and can even send additional reminders to individuals who fail to confirm their appointments.

Let Candidates Schedule Themselves

Let your candidates schedule themselves using our online scheduling system that links directly to your Google or Outlook calendar. With all the built-in options, you have complete control over your calendar at all times. You decide when you want to meet and how many meetings of each event type you wish to schedule each day.

Schedule Team Interviews

Need to gather together a team to meet with candidates? Our team scheduling takes care of everything for you. You decide which individuals you wish to include for different candidate types and our system will allow you to quickly assess when everyone is available to meet, schedule them and send reminders.

Meet with Candidates Online

GReminders integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Webex and other online meeting applications. Your online meeting link will be automatically added to your events, and with our automated URL shortener, links in your reminders will be short and succinct. You can even auto-invite participants to your online meetings, including transcription bots so you can share meeting notes with others.

GReminders is the perfect solution for Recruiters.

You can begin putting an end to your Scheduling and No-show problem 5 minutes from Now.

Key Features of an Interview Scheduler

Team Scheduling – Our team scheduling feature allows for Round-Robin and All Together team scheduling. This feature has many options, including setting a priority level for team members, reporting, and creating individual booking pages for each team.

Multiple Online Meeting Options – GReminders integrates with the most popular online meeting applications, including Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.

Indicate an Expiration for Events – When you set up an event for a job interview, in many cases, you will not use the event again for a long time, if ever. GReminders allows you to specify an expiration date for your events and removes it from the list of events your candidates may select.

Document Sharing – GReminders is an interview scheduler that allows you to link to cloud storage services like Dropbox so candidates can share large documents with you immediately after scheduling an interview. You can even have candidates upload video files.

Jotform Integration – If you use Jotform to collect information about your candidates, you can link directly to GReminders scheduling and pre-fill our form with information already gathered at Jotform.

Unlimited Questions – This is a feature most scheduling applications fail at miserably. During the scheduling process, you may wish to include several questions to help you determine if a candidate meets your requirements. However, you don’t want to be limited here. With GReminders, not only can you ask as many questions as you like, but our system will parse the calendar and send reminders or notifications based on the answers.

Benefits of Interview Scheduling Software

Allow Candidates to Schedule Their Interviews - Share a link with candidates and let them use automated online scheduling to book their interviews with you.

Schedule Team Interviews – When you need to gather a team for in-person or online interviews, automated scheduling software can make the task quick and easy for both you and your candidate.

Filter Candidates During Scheduling – Our interview scheduling software can double-check candidates’ qualifications during the interview scheduling process. Then, based on the results, automatically cancel interviews with those candidates who do not meet qualifications and confirm with those who are potentially qualified.

Save Time and Money – With the full features of GReminders interview scheduling software, you can automate your scheduling and avoid the back and forth. Automate reminders eliminating no-shows or late arrivals. All of this means a considerable saving in time and money.

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