SMS Appointment Reminders for Sales

SMS Appointment Reminders for Sales

Remind Clients of Their Appointments

Clients are hard to come by, so don’t take any chances after scheduling a meeting. Remind busy clients of their appointments using GReminders. You can even use reminders to help you sell your prospects on why your company is the best before they even meet with you!

Let Clients Schedule Appointments at Their Convenience

When your clients need to meet with you, let them choose a time that’s right for them by allowing them to schedule with you online. You can even allow them to put a link to your calendar on their phone’s home screen. Now, you’re only a couple of taps away anytime they need your help.

Get Notified When Clients Confirm or Reschedule Appointments

Whether your clients schedule themselves or you book appointments directly on your Google or Outlook Calendar, you’ll receive confirmation that they confirmed with you or a notification if they reschedule. It’s all about making you more productive and efficient.

Use Keywords to Schedule Impromptu Sales Meetings or Notify Clients

Need to gather the team together at a moment’s notice? Using keywords in GReminders, it’s as easy as writing a simple phrase on your calendar. Everyone you’ve associated with the Keyword will receive an SMS text message of when you wish to meet. You can use Keywords to notify your staff, colleagues, or even a group of clients.

Schedule Group Meetings either Online or In-Person

GReminders has tools that can help you schedule Zoom meetings, Zoom Webinars, seminars, or even Multi-Day events. Of course, the most critical aspect of any event is making sure your attendees remember to show up. Leave that to GReminders’ intelligent SMS reminder system. We let you use conditional logic so you can send reminders to all attendees or just the ones who haven’t confirmed. You set up the event and GReminders does the rest.

You can begin putting an end to your no-show problem 5 minutes from Now.

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