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Scheduling for Sales Teams

Sales Teams that require complex scheduling capabilities can count on GReminders Team Scheduling with Round-Robin and All-Together automated online scheduling to meet their needs.

Initial Appointments with Prospects

In the following example, we’ll use a Residential Solar Company with four sales representatives. The goal of the company, when it comes to prospective new customers, is to:

1.) Schedule the initial home inspection with a sales rep at the customer’s earliest convenience, and

2.) Give each sales rep an equal opportunity at meeting with prospective clients.

Round Robin Sales Teams Scheduling

Round Robin Scheduling

To accomplish the goals above, the solar company uses Round Robin Team Scheduling. When a prospective client visits the company website and wishes to schedule an initial home inspection, nearly every time is available. With Round Robin Scheduling, each time on the solar company’s scheduling calendar represents four potential appointment slots.

GReminders takes care of accomplishing the second goal of distributing the appointments evenly. Our algorithm detects the last team member scheduled and then allocates new appointments accordingly. While it is not exact, due to other potential scheduling conflicts, over time, each team member will receive approximately the same number of initial appointments.

Round-Robin Scheduling for Team Members with Different Shifts

If your team members are available at different times of the day or different days of the week, our system will automatically adjust their availability based on each team member’s Working Hours.

While setting up your event, select Use Each Team Member’s Working Hours (above) or select Custom Working Hours.

The team manager will be able to select which Availability Set to use for each team member, and these will be combined with Custom Working Hours to create the appropriate time slots:

Advanced Working Hours

Each member of your team should indicate their default schedule by selecting Working Hours from the main menu. Use Advanced settings if you would like to block off specific times of the day, lunch breaks for example, or working a partial day.

All Together Sales Team Scheduling for Internal Meetings

Internal Teams

Once a sales rep meets with a prospect who is interested, he must put together a proposal.  Pricing and financing are critical, and a team of individuals meets to ensure everyone understands the scope of the project. The team includes the sales representative, the sales manager, the product engineer, and the finance manager.

To quickly determine when all members of the team are available, the company uses a GReminders’ All Together Team scheduling event calendar. The link for this calendar can be set so it’s only viewable by the internal team and cannot be accessed by the public.

All Together Scheduling for Online Meetings

Online Team Meeting

Once the proposal has been accepted, the customer will need to schedule a final online meeting with the sales rep, installation manager, and finance manager. An All Together Team Scheduling Calendar that includes the team will be available for the customer to easily choose a time when the entire team is available to meet.

Sales Scheduling Software that combines Round Robin and All Together Team Scheduling allows sales organizations to expedite scheduling initial appointments and the ability to schedule internal and external team meetings.

SMS Text Reminders Ensure Sales Teams are Ready

sms appointment reminder

It goes without saying that no matter how easy it is to schedule team meetings, it ultimately comes down to clients and colleagues showing up. You can ensure this by using GReminders’ SMS text reminders to eliminate no-shows.

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