Are your clients thinking about leaving you? published the results of a shocking survey conducted by YCharts in February 2024. The survey indicated more than half of advisory clients either left their financial advisor or considered leaving their advisor in 2023. In fact, they were so shocked by the results that they conducted the survey a second time and confirmed the […]

How to Retain Clients When Advisors Leave Your Firm

When an advisor leaves your firm, you have to act quickly if you want to retain clients. According to Bryce Sanders in his article, 7 Steps to Keeping a Client Whose Advisor Has Left the Firm, Think Advisor, Oct. 18, 2021, Step #2 is: Contact Them Immediately While you can reach out to clients many […]

Help Clients Follow You to Your New Firm

Note: Be careful not to violate any previously signed non-compete agreement before continuing. Once You’ve Made the Move to a New Firm You’ve moved to a new advisory firm that uses Redtail or Wealthbox and you would like to add your clients to your CRM as quickly as possible. GReminders Client Automation will not only […]

GReminders + PreciseFP Integration

Introducing Seamless Integration: GReminders and PreciseFP Join Forces for Enhanced Client Engagement In the dynamic world of financial advisory services, efficiency and client interactions are paramount. Enter the groundbreaking integration between GReminders and PreciseFP—two powerful tools that have now joined hands to revolutionize how advisors engage with clients and prospects. On the GReminders Side: When […]

Client Automation: Bulk Send Gets a Makeover

In the client management world, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Enter GReminders, the trusted ally for appointment scheduling and reminders. But hold on—there’s a twist! GReminders has just released a VERY big update to one of its features and it’s all about how to streamline client communications. If you’re an existing user you may have utilized […]

Create Opportunities in Redtail and Wealthbox with GReminders

Learn how to create opportunities within your Redtail or Wealthbox CRM when clients or prospects schedule through GReminders Event Types Redtail CRM Opportunity Tracker: The Opportunity Tracker in Redtail serves as a powerful tool for financial advisors. Its purpose is to help advisors monitor their pipeline, engage with prospects, and ultimately close more business. When […]

Launch HubSpot Workflows after Meeting Scheduling

If you are using GReminders’ booking links for your clients and prospects in conjunction with your HubSpot account, we have good news for you: GReminders now has the ability to launch your contact-based workflow templates in HubSpot based on your event types. Understanding HubSpot Workflows The workflows tool in HubSpot enhances your marketing efforts and […]

Automating Activity Templates in Redtail

Activity Templates in Redtail and Their Limitations In the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, efficiency and automation play pivotal roles in streamlining workflows. However, users of the Redtail CRM have often grappled with a notable limitation— the inability to trigger Activity Templates automatically. This void in functionality has been a notable pain point […]

Automate your Wealthbox Workflows

Automation in Wealthbox is now made possible through GReminders events. Do you wish you could launch your Wealthbox workflows against specific meeting types? GReminders can now launch your workflow templates in Wealthbox depending on your event type criteria. Understanding Wealthbox Workflows Wealthbox workflows keep your team organized and processes streamlined but cannot launch automatically when […]