Automate Workflows in Redtail CRM

GReminders makes triggering Redtail Workflows easy. Typically, triggering workflows in Redtail consists of using Redtail’s built-in feature “Automations”; for some, building those out can be tricky. GReminders has the capability of launching one or more workflow templates in Redtail depending on your event type criteria WITHIN the GReminders platform. Read below to learn how!

Understanding Redtail Workflows

Redtail workflows keep your team organized and processes streamlined and when set up, can be triggered to launch automatically when information is changed or added to your CRM. Mostly used for consistent processes like Onboarding, Client Management, and Practice Management – workflows in Redtail work as a checklist or step-by-step process to track where progress is at and when it’s completed. You can assign roles, teams, or specific users to complete tasks in the workflow so the right task is assigned to the right person.

Redtail Workflows in GReminders

Without GReminders, workflows are triggered in Redtail through Automations. This is a tool within Redtail that is used to trigger events when changes are made within the CRM. These can be difficult to some and with that GReminders offers a simpler solution. You now have the ability to launch workflows in your CRM when an event is scheduled onto your Redtail Calendar using GReminders. This automated process is made easy by selecting one or more available workflow templates when setting up your “Event Type” in GReminders.

Setting Up a Workflow Trigger with GReminders Event Types

If you have your Redtail CRM integrated on an organizational level, you’ll have access to this powerful tool.

In GReminders, you’ll navigate to “Event Types” on the left-hand toolbar. You can create a new event OR edit an existing event type to set up this feature. At the bottom of the Event Type after the “Thank you Page” setting, an option for “Workflows” will appear. From here, a drop-down selection will read all existing workflow templates in your CRM, allowing you to select one or more workflows to launch when the event type is scheduled on your calendar.

Remember, with Redtail integrated on an organizational level, when a client schedules through GReminders, we’ll create a new contact or match against existing contacts – so if you have roles and teams set up, your workflow steps will be assigned to the proper user, role, or team.

Setting Up Workflows in Redtail

To begin building a workflow template in Redtail, you’ll navigate to your username in the top right corner, and select from the drop-down menu “Manage Account”. From there, listed under the “Manage Templates” section you’ll see the option for “Workflow Templates”. Once selected, a list of all active, inactive, and under-construction templates will appear. Here is where you can create, edit and build your workflows. Workflows built and published here can be accessed by all users in your database to use against contacts and processes in your business and CRM.

Click, “Add New” at the top right corner of the list to create a new template. This will bring you to the first step in the build-out. You’ll customize the workflow criteria by drafting a workflow name, its status (active, inactive, under construction), assigning the Owner, its Category for reporting purposes, the target date, and a description.

To begin adding steps, you’ll see a button labeled “Continue”, This is where you’ll build out your workflow processes. In each step, there are a series of fillable boxes specific to that step. You’ll name the step, set its due date (if applicable), and add any applicable outcomes if necessary. Then add a task, give it a name, and assign it to the user, team, or role attached to the contact. Once finished building out all the necessary steps in the process, you can save your template and it’s ready to use.

At Greminders, we aim to make your automated scheduling and reminder processes easy. Introducing the ability to launch your workflows while setting up your meeting types rather than automations being created in separate places, will save you time and streamline your business processes. Redtail workflows are a powerful tool, GReminders makes them even more powerful.

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