Redtail Integration: GReminders vs Calendly

What are the differences between Calendly and GReminders integration with Redtail?

We hear this question almost every day as Redtail users who either currently use Calendly or are considering using an automated scheduling system hear about GReminders and find their way to our website. It’s a legitimate question and we would like to help you understand what the differences are between GReminders and Calendly.

Direct Integration

GReminders has a direct integration with Redtail CRM and Calendar. In fact, we are the only scheduling and reminder app with a direct integration to Redtail. When you setup GReminders and include your Redtail credentials, you have completed the integration setup. It’s extremely simple because we’ve done all the work in the background to make everything happen seamlessly.

Calendly does not have a direct integration. You have to set up the Calendar integration using Retriever Cloud and Google or Outlook and the CRM integration through Zapier. This limits your options as you’ll see below.

Activity Types

GReminders creates Activity Types in Redtail (which can then trigger automated workflows in Redtail). GReminders can also detect Activity Types to trigger specific reminders. Likewise, you can also select Activity Types, such as Tasks, that you don’t wish GReminders to detect, leaving your calendar available for scheduling.

Calendly does not create or detect Activity Types.


GReminders recognizes Categories in Redtail activities and will soon also create Categories in Redtail.

Calendly does not recognize or create Categories in Redtail.

Time Zones

If you manually schedule appointments with clients in different time zones, GReminders will send reminders to your clients in their own time zone.

Calendly does not send reminders on appointments scheduled manually.

Bi-Directional Syncing

GReminders syncs Bi-Directionally with Redtail. This means GReminders not only writes to Redtail, but can read activities on your Redtail Calendar, regardless of how the activity got there.

If the activity was created using our automated scheduling, we’ll send reminders on the activity. If you create the activity manually, our system works the same. You can reschedule events by simply moving them on your calendar and trigger Reschedule reminders. You can even add details to an Activity in the past and trigger follow up reminders. View the short video below for more information:

Bi-directional syncing means that once you set up GReminders, you control everything from Redtail CRM and Calendar.

Calendly’s Integration is unidirectional only.


GReminders can provide your team with reports based on your Redtail Calendar activities. Because we see all activities on your Redtail calendar, we can provide your team with reports that can help you run your business wisely. You’ll see who is scheduling meetings and what kind of meetings are being scheduled. This can be very valuable information that you can use to gauge the health of your organization.

Calendly can only see information on events scheduled through their system and therefore are unable to provide these type of reports.


Automated scheduling has always been Calendly’s main focus. GReminders began as a reminders app and while we have comprehensive automated scheduling tools, our focus will always be reducing no-shows. Here are a few ways our reminders accomplish this:

Expandable Conditional Logic

GReminders uses advanced custom criteria with expandable conditional logic so you can send very specific reminders based on distinct criteria of an activity (title, confirmation status, category type, event type, activity type, time, location, etc.).

Calendly allows one criteria for all reminders (Event Type)

Liquid Template Coding

GReminders allows Liquid Template Code to be used in the body of your reminders. Liquid Template Code can help you reduce the number of total reminder templates you create while expanding the options of what each reminder can say.

Calendly does not allow coding within the body of the reminder.

SMS Reminders with Links

You may wish to add a link to your reminders from time to time. GReminders not only allows you to include hyperlinks in your SMS reminders, we provide our own URL shortener.

While GReminders recommends SMS reminders be limited to under 320 characters, the length is up to you and the carrier.

Calendly restricts the length of reminders and does not allow URL shorteners, virtually eliminating the opportunity to include links.

Voice Call Reminders

You can send SMS text, email or voice call reminders using GReminders.

Calendly allows users to send SMS text and email reminders.


GReminders runs on FINRA approved Microsoft Azure servers.

GReminders writes back each reminder as a note against your client in Redtail. In addition, each reminder can be archived in GReminders up to five years. A record of reminders can also be exported into a CSV file for your records. We also offer BCC Archiving for eDiscovery through partners such as Smarsh, Global Relay, and Veritas.

Calendly runs on Google and AWS servers. Calendly does not write back reminders to Redtail.


Customer support cannot be overlooked. We understand the financial industry and the needs of advisors and their staff. Our trained Customer Success Representatives and Technical Support Team are there to make sure you get the most out of our software. It starts with a one-on-one demo, and personal setup assistance. We offer this to all of our users, not just enterprise accounts.


GReminders integrates directly with Redtail and allows advisors and their staff to use automated scheduling or book appointments manually onto Redtail Calendar. Our integration does not require any 3rd party programs to connect, including the use of Retriever Cloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar or Zapier. Direct integration and bi-directional syncing offer many more options and flexibility for the end user. These are the fundamental differences between GReminders and Calendly.

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