Redtail Integration Setup When You Use Google or Outlook Calendar

Integration with RT and Google-Outlook

For Redtail Integration when using Redtail as your primary calendar, Click Here.

We have great news for financial advisors who use Redtail as their CRM! GReminders integrates directly with Redtail to allow you to:

  • Send Reminders to contacts in Redtail when you schedule events on your Google or Outlook Calendar
  • Writeback Reminders as Notes in Redtail
  • Add new contacts in Redtail when using GReminders automated online scheduling

Setup Your Free Trial of GReminders

If you use Google or Microsoft Outlook / Office 365, you will want to setup GReminders by signing in with your Google or Microsoft account.

Note: For Microsoft Exchange on Premise or Office 365 Service Account Access, please visit Here after signing up.

Login with Google or Microsoft Account and Grant Permission

Once you select your calendar, you will need to grant GReminders permission to access your calendar (top right).

Redtai Integration Setup Options

To manage your integration, click on Integrations from the main menu, scroll down and select Setup under Redtail CRM. You will need to provide your Redtail username and password to integrate GReminders with Redtail.

Redtail Setup Options

There are three Setup Options to choose from (shown above). We’ll discuss how each works in this article.

Option #1: Pull Best Phone Number from Contacts

When Pull Best Phone Number from Contacts is checked, GReminders will import your Redtail contact’s first and last name and phone number, when an event is scheduled with your Redtail Contact.

Invite Redtail Contact as Guest in Google Calendar

While scheduling an event onto your Google or Outlook calendar, invite your Redtail contact as a guest by including the contact’s email address (shown above).

Data Imported from Google Calendar

In GReminders, after opening an event by clicking on the Event Title, you will see:

1.) The Contact’s full name is imported into GReminders.

2.) The Contact’s mobile phone number is imported into GReminders.

3.) A copy of the reminder that will be or has been sent to your contact.

Although you can check this out anytime you like in GReminders, once you set up your reminder templates and integrate with Redtail, all of this will happen automatically in the background.

Reminder Templates

Use personal Variable

With the integration and importation of contacts’ name and phone number, when you set up your reminder templates (above), you can use SMS reminders and you can include your contacts’ names into the reminder message using the {{invitee.firstname}} variable. The variable can be selected from the Insert a Variable dropdown list.

Option #2: Create Note Against Matching Contact

Writeback Notes to Redtail

If you have selected the option to Create Note Against Matching Contact, a copy of the reminders your clients receive will be added to latest notes under the matching contact.

Option #3: Create Contact in Redtail CRM when New Meeting is Booked

GReminders allows you to create an online appointment booking calendar that allows your prospects and clients to schedule their own appointments. This can save a tremendous amount of time that is associated with calling clients to schedule appointments manually.

You can setup your Events using Event Types or Event Type Templates:

Event Type Setup

To access the Event Template at the User level, choose Event Types from the Main Menu under Scheduling. To access Managed Event Type Templates (admin-only), Choose Event Type Templates under Management.

Include a name for the event, a description and a location (which can be used in your reminders to allow your new prospects to open up a map to your location).

Check availability against Google or Outlook Calendar

The system is designed to create events onto your Primary Calendar, in this example, Google calendar.

Indicated Availability Range

If you would like to narrow down when people can schedule this type of event with you throughout the week, you can select Advanced and indicate availability and time ranges for each day of the week.

Sharing your link

Next, you’ll need to share your link with others. View this short video on where and how to share your online booking calendar link:

Exporting New Contact info to Redtail CRM

GReminders Online Scheduling

Using your online booking calendar, new prospects choose a date and time to schedule an appointment and enter their contact details.

Import New Contact into Redtail

New invitees information is imported into Redtail CRM.

Integrating Redtail with GReminders is quick and easy. Once completed, your prospects and clients will receive reminders of their appointments so they show up and they can schedule themselves onto your Google or Outlook calendar. All of this will increase your office efficiency and save you time and money.

You can try everything without obligation by clicking on the Try it Free Today button below.

Be sure to schedule a one on one system setup call with one of our customer success team member who can help you get started.

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