Adding Redtail Contacts to Tag Groups

GReminders allows you to map the answers your clients submit during scheduling to User Defined Fields (UDF) in Redtail. UDFs are just one of the options you have to map your Custom Questions to but they are very commonly used. (Click here to learn more about this process)

GReminders can also sync with your Redtail Contacts which gives you the power to search highly targeted lists based on Redtail contacts. This is essential in our Automation feature for things like automatic Birthday and Anniversary messages, automating your Client Review invite process, and more. (Click here to learn more about this process)

While searching these highly targeted lists in GReminders, you may notice that we cannot search via Redtail UDFs or Redtail Keywords. Instead, we use fields such as Tag Groups.

But what if your contacts are not in a Tag Group?

Redtail Bulk Actions can easily add the contacts you need to a Tag Group. There are a couple of ways to do this from within Redtail.

The first is via the Redtail Advanced Search. The advanced search allows you to filter through many different items on your contacts’ records. You can see an example of this search below where we are filtering for a Redtail Keyword:

After the search is complete, you can Select ALL of your contacts followed by the ‘Contact Options’ drop-down on the right-hand side. There, you will see an option for ‘Bulk Actions’ where you can add these selected contacts to a Tag Group.

To view Redtails documentation on adding contacts to a Tag Group in bulk, Please Click Here.

Moving a UDF to a Tag Group:

The other option to Bulk Add Contacts to a Tag Group is via Redtail Reports such as the Contact User Defined Field Report. These reports are commonly used when the Redtail Advanced search is not able to filter for the correct fields, such as UDFs.

To complete this, first select ‘Reports’ on the left-hand side of Redtail. Scroll down to the ‘UDF Reports’ and select ‘Contact User Defined Fields’. You will see a ‘Filter’ button at the top right of the report, as shown below:

Please filter for the UDF, and if needed, the value for the UDF as well. You can see the example below where we are filtering for the UDF “Taxes Complete”.

Once your filter is complete and applied to the report, you will see a ‘Search’ button at the top right of the report. This is key!

The ‘Search’ button will send your filtered list of contacts from the Report to the Redtail Search page. You can now Select ALL contacts and use the Redtail Bulk Action, as shown before, to add these contacts to a Tag Group.

To view Redtail’s documentation on how to best use the Contact User Defined Field Report, Please Click Here.

That’s it!

Once your contacts are in a Tag Group or a similar field that GReminders can use, you are ready! You can now filter for these groups in the GReminders Automations.

If you have additional questions please contact: [email protected]

Happy Scheduling!

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