Automating Activity Templates in Redtail

Activity Templates in Redtail and Their Limitations In the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, efficiency and automation play pivotal roles in streamlining workflows. However, users of the Redtail CRM have often grappled with a notable limitation— the inability to trigger Activity Templates automatically. This void in functionality has been a notable pain point […]

Archiving and e-Discovery of SMS, Email & Voice Reminders

GReminders helps you stay compliant with tools that allow you to archive all of your SMS reminders, email reminders and even voice call reminders. This article will help you understand the differences between the tools we provide and the advantages of each. GReminders SMS Reminders vs SMS Messaging GReminders is reminder software that sends SMS […]

Compare GReminders with Calendly, OnceHub and Acuity Scheduling

This article and the comparison chart below will explore how GReminders compares with Calendly, OnceHub and Acuity Scheduling with a focus on the features and capabilities that are most important to the financial services industry. While other scheduling applications include marketing verbiage indicating their software is “For Financial Services“, only GReminders was built for the […]

Enhancing Efficiency with Custom Fields

Custom Fields In the past, GReminders exclusively supported custom questions/fields at the “Event Type” level, facilitating the collection of information from clients who made bookings through GReminders and enabling the ability to map to CRM Fields. GReminders now offers the capability not only to write Custom Fields and Questions at the “Event Type” level but […]

GReminders Meeting Category and Redtail

GReminders ‘Meeting Category’ option does more than organize your event types – it syncs with your Activity Categories in Redtail as well. This article takes you through understanding the GReminders Meeting Category option, Redtail’s Activity Category overview, and setting up the ability to map Meeting Category to Activity Category. GReminders Meeting Category GReminders Meeting Category […]

Automate Workflows in Redtail CRM

GReminders makes triggering Redtail Workflows easy. Typically, triggering workflows in Redtail consists of using Redtail’s built-in feature “Automations”; for some, building those out can be tricky. GReminders has the capability of launching one or more workflow templates in Redtail depending on your event type criteria WITHIN the GReminders platform. Read below to learn how! Understanding […]

Assign Redtail Category When Scheduling Activities Using GReminders

When scheduling appointments on the Redtail Calendar using GReminders automated scheduling, or creating events directly on your Redtail calendar, an Activity Type is assigned for each event. GReminders direct integration with Redtail can read Activity Types and not only determine scheduling availability, but trigger specific reminders based on Activity Types.  Learn more about using Redtail […]

Reschedule Appointments in Redtail Using GReminders

Watch the short video below to learn how easy your can reschedule appointments on Redtail Calendar when using GReminders Direct integration. Set up Reschedule notifications and our automated system does the rest! To learn more about GReminders DIRECT integration with Redtail Calendar and CRM, click HERE. If you have any questions, reach out to us […]

Manage Reminder Templates for Your Organization

Companies and Organizations with multiple users on their GReminders account may wish to standardize the messaging their clients receive. Depending on your industry and company affiliation, client communications may require approval by your compliance department. GReminders has implemented ways to manage and deploy reminder templates for your department or entire organization. Admins and Managers in […]