Smart Choice, Smart System: How GReminders Customers Won Big with G2’s Multi-Category Awards

In the dynamic world of online appointment scheduling and business management, GReminders has emerged as a beacon of reliability and excellence. The recent recognition by G2, a leading peer-to-peer review site, is a testament to our platform’s unwavering commitment to our users. GReminders has been honored with multiple awards, each underscoring a unique aspect of […]

TCPA & SMS with User Consent

The following information should not be used as a substitute for legal advice. Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in 1991 in response to citizen complaints about unsolicited phone calls from marketers. They later expanded the act to include SMS text messages. The act has been interpreted many different ways, so we won’t endeavor […]

Launch HubSpot Workflows after Meeting Scheduling

If you are using GReminders’ booking links for your clients and prospects in conjunction with your HubSpot account, we have good news for you: GReminders now has the ability to launch your contact-based workflow templates in HubSpot based on your event types. Understanding HubSpot Workflows The workflows tool in HubSpot enhances your marketing efforts and […]

Post Schedule Questions for Online Scheduling

GReminders automated online scheduling is an excellent way to allow prospective clients and customers to schedule with you. You can create custom questions and map the answers to CRMs like Redtail, Salesforce, Salesloft and HubSpot. Since a unique variable is created when you create a custom question, you can use the answers in your reminders. […]

Routing Forms for Automated Online Scheduling

Routing clients to the right individual in your organization is essential for providing optimal customer service, greater efficiency, and overall higher conversion rates and retention. GReminders provides an easy way to accomplish this. You no doubt have experienced routing countless times on the phone. “Press 1 to be connected to sales, press 2 to talk […]

Can Salesforce Send Text Messages?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage customer data, sales, and marketing. It offers a range of products for managing customer relationships, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and more. Why use text messages for reminders? Text messages (also referred to as SMS messages) are a quick […]

Send SMS Reminders from Salesforce

Salesforce is a robust and full-featured CRM for sales teams. GReminders is the setup and forget SMS reminder app that integrates with Google and Outlook Calendars. Together, these applications will help you meet with more prospects and clients by reducing your no-shows and automating your scheduling. In this article, we’ll discuss how you integrate GReminders […]