UTMs, Google Analytics, and How to Track Marketing Sources on your Scheduling Pages

Google Analytics (GA) is a free web analytics service provided by Google that allows website owners to track and analyze their website traffic. Google Analytics provides detailed information about visitors to a website, including their demographics, interests, behavior, and sources of traffic to the site. By integrating UTM codes with Google Analytics, website owners can […]

Data Retention Options

When you create events on your Google, Outlook, or Redtail calendars, event details, including date, time, location, invitees and event description are imported into GReminders so that our system can send your clients reminders of their upcoming meetings. In the past, we retained this data for approximately 1 year (which is the current default setting), […]

Create Pre-Screening Questions with Online Scheduling

If you have prospective clients scheduling with you using GReminders automated online scheduling, you may have wondered how you can funnel prospects with explicit needs to specific individuals in your company. GReminders includes Round-Robin team scheduling that allows clients to book with the first available team member, but you may wish to steer prospects to […]