Create Pre-Screening Questions with Online Scheduling

Update: See GReminders Routing Forms for Native Routing functionality If you have prospective clients scheduling with you using GReminders automated online scheduling, you may have wondered how you can funnel prospects with explicit needs to specific individuals in your company. GReminders includes Round-Robin team scheduling that allows clients to book with the first available team […]

Scheduling Zoom Calls in Redtail

Do you meet with clients using Zoom or other online meeting applications? With GReminders’ Redtail & Zoom integrations, adding a Zoom link to your meetings using our online scheduling is all done for you automatically. If, however, you also schedule appointments manually on your Redtail calendar, and you wish to have a unique Zoom link […]

Send SMS Reminders from ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a powerful CRM that assists users with their customer experience automation.  GReminders is the easy to use automated SMS appointment reminder and scheduling app that eliminates no-shows and the back and forth associated with scheduling. When integrating the two applications, users possess a powerful set of tools that can help their businesses grow […]

Zapier & GReminders

Zapier is a “low code” workflow automation platform. There are thousands of applications and services you can stitch together to create integrations. Here are a few examples of using Zapier with GReminders: Add Emails to a Marketing Automation Campaign (such as MailChimp, Airtable, ClickFunnels, etc…) for anyone who books a meeting with you (w/ or […]