Dedicated Onboarding and Setup

Dedicated Onboarding and Support GReminders

Every Business is different and unique. At a high level businesses in one industry are similar, but when you dig down a layer or two you will see many unique aspects to that business, and this is also what differentiates one business from its competitors.

When you decide to purchase any “System”, there is significant value in getting it setup properly and having your users trained to use the system. Most systems are not islands, and as such integrate with other Systems that become “Large Systems”, which require some understand of how data moves from one to the other, how fields get mapped, etc…. (btw, there is a great book called Thinking in Systems)

GReminders is no different. In general, GReminders is a background service that doesn’t require daily logins, but initial proper configuration and setup and communicating how and what is happening in the “background” is still very important.

Using GReminders to solve your business problems around scheduling or client notifications is simple, but when you “roll this out” to your entire team or organization there is always effort involved. It requires understanding of your unique business workflows/processes, making sure your stakeholders understand what is happening, when clients are getting emails or SMS messages, how your clients will schedule with them or their team.

Anytime you have a group of people involved in such a thing, everything is a bit more involved and complicated.

Therefore, GReminders offers dedicated Paid Onboarding Support. This is essentially bespoke, customized consultation of your business processes applied to the GReminders System.

What you Get

You will work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure your team is set up properly from the Beginning and Adopting the system. This will include

  • 1:1 Setup, including help setting up supported integrations
  • Group Training
  • Train the Trainer model
  • Custom Training Collateral
  • and/or Office Hours

We will work with you to set up the best structure for your Goals and your Organization. Apply YOUR unique workflows and business processes into GReminders and make them more streamlined and automated.

We also have collateral you can use to best inform and train your users, including Slide Decks, Documents, Setup Guides, etc…

What it is not

We do not offer full encompassing Business Process Re-engineering. This type of process is much more involved, and if you need a holistic view of all processes, systems, etc… in your organization please contact one of our Integration or Consulting Partners.


This comes in various forms, but can be purchased when you initially sign up for the platform OR anytime afterwards. We recommend minimum of 3 hours and for every 2-4 additional users, add an hour. Pricing starts at $100/hour and drops down from there. This is not a profit center for GReminders, these rates help cover the costs to give you personal and dedicated support for YOUR unique business processes, and we would like to keep the subscription licensing fee low for everyone.

This will ensure the system is set up properly for YOUR SPECIFIC environment. You may have various integrations (CRMs, Payments, API, Embeds, etc…), workflows, etc… that are all specific to your business. Let us help you set that up properly.

How to Purchase

If you are working with your Account Manager, just ask for Dedicated Onboarding (they will likely recommend it). They will make a recommendation based on your specific needs, the number of users and system integrations you have planned.

If you are doing self service checkout you can add dedicated onboarding to your initial purchase, or you can add this at anytime afterwards. From here you will receive an email to schedule your first session and go from there. Whatever hours you purchase can be used across a 12 months time period.

Preparing for your First Session

When you have an initial session, please collect all the primary Stakeholders and/or Project Lead(s). Understand the problems and scope of problems you are trying to solve within your Organization with GReminders. From here, your Customer Success Manager will work with you to define a setup and rollout roadmap that is specific to your Organization.

General and Premium Support

General and Premium Support is built into your License Fee. If you have any “how to” questions or want to report a bug, make a feature request or something isn’t working as you expect, simply email to [email protected]. Please see our Support Page for more information.

Thank you for Choosing GReminders.

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