Financial Advisors and Therapists Can Stay Compliant With GReminders

GReminder allows users, including financial advisors and healthcare professionals, to send SMS, email, and voice reminders to their clients, reminding them about upcoming appointments. The use of reminder software can significantly reduce no-shows, saving time and money. However, if you work in an industry with strict compliance guidelines, you may be required to log all […]

GReminders vs Acuity Scheduling in 2021

Business relies heavily on appointment setting; however, back-and-forth scheduling zaps productivity.  Online appointment scheduling software automates the process of scheduling meetings, eliminating the back and forth.  Two popular scheduling applications include GReminders and Acuity Scheduling. So how do they differ?  Acuity Scheduling Features Acuity Scheduling is scheduling software that focuses on appointment scheduling and pre-payment […]

Use GReminders to Maximize Zoom Meeting Attendance

Successful meetings with prospects are an important part of every business, but meetings aren’t effective if prospects fail to show up.  Online meeting applications like Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Skype, etc., have made scheduling virtual meetings with prospects easier, but the same dilemma of no-shows is still a problem. Using GReminders with Zoom to End No-Shows […]

How to Include a Link in SMS Reminders?

Did you know text messages with clickable links have a click-through conversion rate of 45%? Text messages with clickable links can be a powerful marketing tool to strengthen customer relationships across your business.  When it comes to business communications, different customers have different preferences.  Using multiple communication channels such as – SMS, Email, Voice, etc […]

Best Practices Marketing Tips using Follow-Up Text Messages

Did you know follow-up text messages and reminders can increase the conversion rate by 45%?  According to a recent study, SMS marketing typically produces a 250% higher conversion rate over email – making it one of the most effective tools for growing a business.  Today, businesses are striving to revamp their operations to serve their customers. According […]