Use Our Appointment Reminder App for Video Introductions

If people schedule appointments with you through an online calendar or an inside assistant, you may not have introduced yourself. Use GReminders’ appointment reminder app to include a quick video introduction your new prospect or client can view prior to your scheduled appointment. Start with a short video. It doesn’t have to be professional, in […]

Automated Text Appointment Reminders for Accountants

Do you have clients you meet with on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis? Use automated text appointment reminders to remind your clients when to schedule their next meeting. Since many clients may be scheduling appointments with you at the same time of year, expedite the process by utilizing automated online scheduling from GReminders. In […]

Initial Appointment Scheduling with Conflict Checking

Using GReminders, attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries can check for conflicts of interest during the initial appointment scheduling process. Adding custom questions to the scheduling calendar and sending personal reminders to key staff automates the process and avoids wasted time and money. Setting up Questions in Your Event Type When setting up your event type, […]