Advanced Availability Settings

Introducing Advanced Availability Settings for Online Scheduling. We have made some material improvements to how you can customize your availability settings on Event Types. This includes: Multiple availability time ranges per weekday (on Mondays 8-11am, on Tues 9-10am and again 3-6pm, etc….) Setting specific Days that you are available (example: June 3rd 9-11am then 3-5pm, […]

Which Is The Best Way To Remind Your Clients About Appointments: Text Message or Voice Calls?

An effective appointment reminder system must be integrated into your business. It’s not optional but compulsory. Any business firm that doesn’t pay enough attention to its appointment reminding channels eventually suffers.  Whether you own a spa, salon, or medical practice—once a customer books an appointment with you for a later date—you will need to remind […]

Top 6 Ways An Appointment Reminder App Increases Office Efficiency

Appointment reminder apps are a great help to companies and small business owners. These apps are universal and versatile. No matter, what type of business you own—appointment reminder apps are always useful.  Another advantage of appointment reminding software is how it enhances office efficiency and increases the overall productivity of your staff. All you have […]

Top 10 Spa And Hair Appointment Reminder Templates For Your Customers

In a fast-paced world, customers tend to forget their scheduled appointment with spas or hair salons. It’s natural.  Because of daily work schedules and household responsibility, one may unintentionally forget such appointments relating to personal relaxation. Though they can reschedule it later, it may result in a loss of business opportunity for the salon or […]

How Personalized Communication Can Help You Accomplish Desired Business Goals

Today, over digitalization is affecting every business. What was once perceived to be a game-changer has now become a cliché. Now, customers are no longer interested in getting in touch with firms and business organizations through a digital medium. All that they are now looking for is personalized communication and services.  According to a research […]