Unlocking Savings and Efficiency with ProAdvisorSuite: A Comprehensive

If you’re in the financial advisory business, you understand the value of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and tools that can enhance your services and streamline your operations. That’s where the partnership between GReminders and ProAdvisorSuite comes into play. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what ProAdvisorSuite […]

Routing to Custom Roles in Wealthbox

Custom Contact Roles in Wealthbox As a business expands, the challenge of effective communication within the team grows. Smaller advisory firms benefit from their simplicity, maintaining clear lines of communication due to their limited size. However, as businesses scale and the workforce increases, it becomes imperative to enhance communication and delineate responsibilities. One approach for […]

Custom Sender ID

When sending SMS and Text Messages via a 3rd party provider such as GReminders, the phone number the message comes from is important. Because 3rd party systems cannot “impersonate” or “spoof” your own mobile number, GReminders sends from a Pool of numbers it owns, OR you can get your dedicated number. Read more here. This […]

Enhancing Efficiency with Custom Fields

Custom Fields In the past, GReminders exclusively supported custom questions/fields at the “Event Type” level, facilitating the collection of information from clients who made bookings through GReminders and enabling the ability to map to CRM Fields. GReminders now offers the capability not only to write Custom Fields and Questions at the “Event Type” level but […]

Scheduling for Financial Advisors

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of financial advising, no two scenarios are identical. The financial advisory landscape is characterized by perpetual change and occasional disruptions. However, a steadfast constant in this field is the imperative to foster robust client relationships. The methods may shift and adapt, but at the heart of financial advising lies […]

GReminders Meeting Category and Redtail

GReminders ‘Meeting Category’ option does more than organize your event types – it syncs with your Activity Categories in Redtail as well. This article takes you through understanding the GReminders Meeting Category option, Redtail’s Activity Category overview, and setting up the ability to map Meeting Category to Activity Category. GReminders Meeting Category GReminders Meeting Category […]