Data Retention Options

When you create events on your Google, Outlook, or Redtail calendars, event details, including date, time, location, invitees and event description are imported into GReminders so that our system can send your clients reminders of their upcoming meetings. In the past, we retained this data for approximately 1 year (which is the current default setting), […]

Best of 2022

It’s been a big year for GReminders.  We built the product for you, and you rewarded us with your patronage and lots of 5 star reviews!  Thank you for your continued support.    GReminder is top of the Momentum Grid for Appointment Scheduling, which we are very proud of, given the steep competition.  This proves you […]

Sending Appointment Reminders in Your Client’s Time Zone

This is a feature is currently for Redtail and Wealthbox CRM Users only. Do you conduct remote meetings with individuals outside your area? Send reminders to your clients based on their time zone. GReminders can detect what time zone your clients are in, based on their zip code. Reminders will then be adjusted automatically so […]

Redtail Appointment Notifications

Whether you use GReminders automated scheduling or manually schedule appointments directly on Redtail Calendar you have options on how invites are sent to your Redtail contacts. Using GReminders Automated Scheduling While setting up your Event Type Templates, under Invite Details, there is an option that allows you to decide how to handle event invites. By […]

Using Redtail Activity Types During Scheduling

When you schedule appointments on the Redtail Calendar using GReminders automated scheduling, or you place events directly on your Redtail calendar, you may wish to indicate an Activity Type for each event. GReminders direct integration with Redtail can read Activity Types and not only determine scheduling availability, but trigger specific reminders based on your selection. […]