Fixed Timezones and Timezone Ambiguity

Local Timezone

If you do business with people in multiple timezone please read about Client Timezones or using CRM Contact Matching (use local Zip code)

However if you ONLY do business in your own timezone this article is for you.


When sending out reminders always send them in your local timezone (if ALL your customers are in the same timezone). Use the variable: {{event.date_time_advanced | datetz: "America/Los_Angeles", "%A %b %e, %l:%M%P"}}

And replace America/Los_Angeles with your local timezone. Find your timezone here. This will ensure that the time is ALWAYS in your local timezone (Pacific Time Zone in this case).

This is NOT applicable if your customers are in different timezones, in which case please use Client Timezone. Read more here.

Scheduling Pages and Event Types

If you use GReminder’s Public Scheduling pages to let your clients and customers book appointments with you the system will automatically detect which timezone the end user device is set to.

That means if you are on an iPhone or Android device for example and you have travelled to the east coast its likely that the device will think its on Eastern Time. If your client schedules with you they are viewing Eastern Times, but if they are trying to schedule a in person session with you when they are back in town they may not understand fully they are looking at Eastern Time Zone “Times”.

When your client books a time we do show the timezone selected, and they can change it but it may not dawn on them to do so (only really relevant when they are traveling)

So for in person appointments and for appointments where the timezone is ALWAYS your local time you will want to set your Event Type settings for Timezone to “Fixed to My Timezone” like so:

This will ensure that the Event Type ALWAYS fixes the timezone to your local time (Set in your profile) and there is no confusion about what time is being selected.

This only applies to events or appointments where both parties are guaranteed to be in the same place or same timezone.

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Happy Scheduling

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