Personalizing SMS Appointment Reminders with Your Client’s Name

Personalize SMS Appointment Reminders

We all know how important it can be to add a client’s name to any type of automated or mass correspondence, whether it’s a form letter, an email, or even an SMS appointment reminder.

Most types of automated or mass correspondence use database fields to personalize content. For example, it’s easy to insert a field named like “First_Name” into an email (as a variable), Dear [First_Name]. However, since there are no First Name fields in your Google or Outlook calendar, you have to be a little more clever in order to personalize your text message reminders.

Personalizing Text Messages When Using Automated Scheduling

Invitee First Name

If you use automated scheduling with GReminders, the first name variable is available to use with any one-on-one event.

Include the first name variable (shown below) into the body of your SMS message in your Reminder Template.


You will have to insert this manually as it is not available from the drop down list.

Select Custom Criteria

Since this variable can only be used when an appointment is booked with you using GReminders’ online scheduling calendar, you should include the Custom Criteria, Only Events Booked through GReminders when setting up your Reminder Template (unless you have included another Custom Criteria that is only used with automated scheduling).

Personalizing Text Messages When You Add an Appointment Manually to Your Calendar

In situations where you add an appointment directly to your Google or Outlook calendar, there is no “firstname” variable available. There is, however, the “Event Title” variable that typically contains the name of the person with whom you are meeting.

You can’t simply use the “Event Title” variable, since it usually contains additional information, like the person’s last name, the appointment type, and maybe a phone number. You will have to use a little coding to strip out the person’s first name from the title.

Put Name First in Event Title

This is accomplished by using the following variable:

{{  event.title  | split: " " | first }}
Name on Calendar

The code actually strips the first word from the event title, so you must be sure that when you are adding an event to your calendar and you wish to utilize this code, you always start the event title with the person’s first name.

Custom Criteria

If you use automated scheduling along with scheduling appointments directly on your calendar, you may wish to schedule each on a different calendar and include a custom criteria that triggers reminders for that particular calendar. Or you could use the code for all reminders, regardless if they were scheduled by you directly or by clients using automated scheduling.

Note: You cannot use either variable or code when sending reminders to Group Event attendees.

Using the techniques in this article will allow you to personalize the SMS appointment reminders you send to your clients. Give it a try and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Happy Scheduling!

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