Manually Confirming / Declining an Appointment

Manual Confirmations SMS Reminders

GReminders lets you have your customers confirm Appointments by either replying YES to your SMS Text Reminder notifications or using the Confirmation Links.

But what if your customer calls in or is on the phone with you and just confirms the appointment? How will you tell the system that they did this?

Now you can, with Manual Confirmation Actions.

Go to any Event Detail Page that is not Confirmed or Declined and you will see a dotted button

Simply click on the Manual Confirm or Decline and you will see the same Checkmark or X on the Event Subject. AND if you have Calendar Status Writeback enabled to your Calendar you will see this in your Google or Outlook Calendar as well.

Used in conjunction with sending additional notifications when an Appointment is not confirmed you have a very powerful notification system for your clients, reducing No Shows and increasing Revenue and Client Engagement.

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