Advanced Availability Settings

Introducing Advanced Availability Settings for Online Scheduling.

We have made some material improvements to how you can customize your availability settings on Event Types. This includes:

  • Multiple availability time ranges per weekday (on Mondays 8-11am, on Tues 9-10am and again 3-6pm, etc….)
  • Setting specific Days that you are available (example: June 3rd 9-11am then 3-5pm, etc…)

This works very well if you want to schedule only specific events on certain days of the month or be highly targeted at a specific day(s).

To access these new settings, please visit your Event Type and click on Advanced checkbox in the Availability section:

Choose advanced

As usual, for appointments or events not booked via the GReminders system you can set your default availability on your user profile leveraging advanced availability as well.

Any questions? Email to [email protected]

Happy Scheduling

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