SMS / Text Reminder Confirmation Pages

If you are sending Text Reminders to customers, currently it’s common for people to just reply YES to confirm or request a reschedule or cancellation if needed.

Now you can use a Confirmation Link, which allows the customer to confirm, reschedule OR cancel all within a single interface.

This also works well if you don’t want to deal with responding to customers immediately and let them “self-service” themselves. For a Reschedule or Cancellation for example.

To do this simply use the new “Confirmation Link” in your Reminder Template like so:

Confirmation Link

Then when your Client receives this reminder over text or SMS they will see something like:

Confirmation Link in text message

After clicking on this link they will end up at:

Confirm Appointment

Where they can Confirm, Reschedule or Cancel their Appointment.

That’s It!

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Happy Scheduling!

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