A Look Back at 2021

GReminders Worldwide

2021 has been an amazing year for GReminders and we couldn’t have done it without you!

GReminders is now helping individuals and companies schedule appointments and remind clients in over 100 countries around the world.

New Feature Requests

Our users come from a wide variety of professions and industries, and while many of their scheduling and reminder needs are similar, there are still unique differences.

For example, most companies remind their clients that an appointment will begin at a specific time. However, we received a request for reminders that could give a time window instead of an exact appointment time. We quickly provided a solution to accomplish this and it is now being used by many.

In another case, a user wanted the ability to automatically invite transcription bots to online Zoom meetings. We responded with a new feature that would not only allow for automatically inviting bots but colleagues as well.

We welcome ideas on how to make GReminders better with great enthusiasm. Suggestions from our users have made GReminders one of the most robust and feature-rich applications of its kind.

New Features Added to GReminders in 2021

Limit Cancellations and Reschedules within a Certain Time of the Appointment

Control when you allow reschedules or cancellations to be made automatically.

Let your Customers Choose Duration

Allow your clients to determine how long meetings will last.

Group Events for Classes, Training, Webinars, etc…

Allow multiple people to schedule the same time slot.

Host Notifications

Get notified of clients’ responses.

Max Number of Certain Events Per Day

Limit your Online Bookings to X number per day.

Global Contact Matching

Global Contact Matching across your Organization.

Send Reminders at Specific Times

Schedule Reminders to be sent at specific times, not just X Days or X Hours prior to an event.

Advanced Availability Settings

Improvements on how you can customize your availability settings on Event Types.

URL Shortner for SMS Reminders

GReminders’ URL Shortener service will automatically shorten any URLs it encounters in your templates.

Customize Your Online Appointment Calendar

Maintain brand identity by customizing the look and feel of your scheduling page.

Schedule Follow-up Appointments Easily

A Pop-Up that prompts your customers to add your booking link to the home screen of their iOS and Android smartphones.

Automatically Add Individuals to Online Meeting Invites

Add colleagues (or bots) to Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, or other online meeting invites.

Time Ranges with Templates

Provide clients a time window of arrival rather than a specific time.

Setup Specific Start Times

Control exactly when clients are able to book appointments with you and have a predictable schedule every day of the week.

Schedule Multi-Day Group Events

Use GReminders’ scheduling tools to schedule events that last multiple days.

Use Advanced Criteria for Detailed SMS Appointment Reminders

Include detailed information within your reminders using conditional logic.

Prefill Google Forms When Clients Book With You

Automatically pre-fill forms with the information your client has already entered when scheduling a meeting with you. Great when you require onboarding forms prior to a first appointment.

Reminders Based on Specific Appointment Start/End Time

Send special reminders based on the time appointments start or end.

Personalizing Appointment Reminders with Your Client’s Name

Personalize your reminders with your clients’ names.

Link to Google Maps in Your SMS Appointment Reminder

Include a link to Google Maps in the final reminder sent to clients.

Pre Fill your Booking Forms from your Database

Prefill your GReminders’ scheduling form with data your client may have already included on a form prior to scheduling.

More New Features on the Way

The developers at GReminders are currently testing new features for 2022 right now, including a significant new feature that will be available within the next week. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement, you won’t want to miss it!

Let us Know What You Need

If there is something you think would make GReminders better, let us know. You can contact us here.

Thanks again to all of our users from around the world. We wish you a very Prosperous and Healthy 2022!

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