URL Shortner for SMS Reminders

SMSs / Text Messages are still very much about brevity. An SMS “segment” is 160 characters and thats how Carriers charge.

If you send a message over 160 characters, the carrier is actually sending multiple “segments” and then your handset (iPhone, Android, etc…) is combining these messages to display as a single message.

So, if you send URLs or Web Links in your SMS Reminders your Messages could get quite long.

URL Shorteners to the rescue. You have seen these in the wild on Twitter or other systems such as seeing links like: https://t.co/xxxx OR https://bit.ly/2RUjsmV

These services are great to shorten links and/or track click-throughs.

Now, GReminders has its own Shortener URL service. The system will automatically shorten any URLs it encounters in your templates. This could be a static URL OR a dynamic one to a Zoom or Google Meet link.

Simply enable the Shortner URL Option in Admin > General

Then when SMS Reminders are sent out you may see something like this:

You can see the Zoom link for example has been replaced by the GReminders “Short URL”.

We went from a URL like: https://us02web.zoom.us/w/87652339171?tk=BVeY57fZ9gDxCpjwmpQjaPL2VtKh0O3oOWrBKxmC-Ww.DQIAAAAUaHyN4zZ2TGJBbzZKYVJwbUNkLXl4ckpRdVlnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=Y1lPZnl2SFQzS3BCUi8yT2dEZWFYZz09

to: https://greminders.com/l/Ylnw2kXz

So from 195 characters down to 34 characters.

This is MUCH better. Makes it easy for your customers to click on and saves you money on SMS Credits.

Any questions? Email to [email protected]

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