Template Criteria Operators Explained

SMS Template Criteria Operators

When creating Reminder Templates you have the ability to use fine grained criteria to control when and what notifications you send to your Customers and Clients.

Below you will find an explanation of what some of the criteria “Operators” mean:

contains the word or phraseWill match “words” or “phrase”.

DO NOT try to match non alpha characters with word/phrase matches
“cat” will match: “cat in the hat” but NOT caterpillar OR catherine

#spanish will NOT match “#spanish with Jose”
contains the textWill partial match “words” or text.

Note: If you are using non alpha characters such as hashtag or brackets, you will want to use THIS operator
“cat” will match “cat in the hat”, caterpillar, catherine

#spanish will match “#spanish Meeting with Jose”
does not contain the word or phraseDoes NOT contain the “words” or “phrases”
does not contain the textDoes not partial match words or text
equals exactlyMatches Exactly“cat” will match “cat” only, no other text
does not equalDoes NOT match Exactly

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