How to Include a Link in SMS Reminders?

Links in SMS Reminders

Did you know text messages with clickable links have a click-through conversion rate of 45%?

Text messages with clickable links can be a powerful marketing tool to strengthen customer relationships across your business. 

When it comes to business communications, different customers have different preferences. 

Using multiple communication channels such as – SMS, Email, Voice, etc will help you stay connected with your customers and even build a long-term relationship with them. 

Text messaging (also known as SMS) is a powerful tool that allows businesses to send timely and concise messages to their customers, and a great way to engage prospects and clients and drive them to your online content.   

With 90% open rates, SMS reminders with links can grab the attention of your audience and result in higher conversions. 

Here are a few examples of when you may wish to use a link in your SMS messages: 

  • Viewing or paying an invoice
  • Leaving an online review
  • Learning about your products
  • Online meeting invitations
  • Completing a purchase, etc.

In each case, SMS reminders with links can help encourage your customers to take action. 

In this post, we’ll show you how to include links in SMS reminders, types of links in SMS reminders, and why you should choose GReminders for text messaging service. 

Let’s get started!!

Best practices to include text links in SMS reminders

Here are the best practices to follow when including links in SMS reminders to ensure your messages are read and your clients engage with you. 

  • Keep it short

SMS text messages can hold up to 160 characters and exceeding the 160 character limit means you are technically sending an additional message (many smartphones stitch multiple messages together to look like a single message). 

Keep the message short and crisp by focusing on the primary goal or objective of your message. If required, use common abbreviations to reduce the character count. 

GReminders now offers our own URL shortening service that can help you keep messages short and save money. If you are a new user, this option is selected by default. If you started using GReminders prior to June 15, 2021, learn how to select the URL shortening option here.

  • Personalize your communication

When it comes to business texting, it is important to personalize messages. An impersonal message can reduce engagement and even exhibit a negative tone. 

It is also important to choose the right tone for the message.  If you want your customers to engage with your text, you will have to make the text more human.

Check out How Personalized Communication Can Help You Accomplish Business Goals.

  • SMS reminder workflows

Plan the SMS reminder workflow as if you are running a full campaign. Remember not to schedule too many text messages, as it may annoy the recipient. 

Schedule different workflows to understand how the customer is engaging with your messages and their preferences. 

It can be as simple as – Booking an appointment > appointment confirmation > appointment cancellation/reschedule > appointment reminder > customer appointment.

  • Text signature

Text signatures allow you to share important business information such as name, contact, URL, open hours, etc without typing the same information again and again. 

No matter how big or small the company is – text signatures make your business look more legitimate. You may wish to add a link to your website in the signature to drive more traffic to your website. 

You can create a signature template using GReminders and clone it when you create a new SMS reminder message.  

Types of links in SMS reminders

From abandoned carts to feedback forms, you can include different types of text links in the SMS reminders. You should use text links to promote special offers that convert into sales. 

  • Promotions

If your company is going to host or sponsor an event, you can send an SMS with a direct link to the registration page – for more conversions. 

  • Newsletters

Newsletters can help you retain customers and build brand loyalty. Share the link of your recently posted blog or a newsletter from time to time. 

  • Payment reminders

Remind your customers to pay their bills by sending them an SMS with a link to the payment. 

  • Feedback/survey 

Feedback and survey links help you learn more about your customers and their preferences and may assist you in improving your business.

  • Discount/coupons

Text messages with discount/coupon links can help businesses engage customers and even increase sales. 

The goal of these messages is to provide relevant information to the customers and get their immediate attention. 

Why choose GReminders as your SMS reminder service?

There are plenty of tools that allow you to send SMS reminders. Here’s what makes GReminders different from others. 

  • Scheduling SMS

You can schedule your text messages minutes, hours, or days before an appointment so that they go out when you want them. 

  • Personalizing Contacts

Using GReminders, you can populate text messages automatically with contact details. 

  • Automate Rescheduling

With GReminders, you can include a variable link for rescheduling. This helps to free you up from back-and-forth phone calls and lets your prospect or client choose a new time to meet.

  • Customize Notifications

Customize the SMS notifications by editing the predefined SMS template. The goal of these notifications is to get the customer’s attention immediately.

  • Eliminate no-shows

Missed appointments are a frustration and can be costly. GReminders allows you to automate the appointment reminder and reduce no-shows. 

  • Compatible with Existing Calendar

Send text messages for Google, Outlook, or Microsoft calendar for upcoming appointments, events, or meetings to your customers.

  • Supported Integrations

Schedule meetings on Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Google Meet, Skype, and Microsoft Teams easily with GReminders.

Now, you know how to include text links in SMS reminders, the types of links to be used in text messages, and why you should use GReminders for SMS reminders. Get started for FREE and schedule a campaign with the free credits. 

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