How Personalized Communication Can Help You Accomplish Desired Business Goals

Personalized Communications

With the advances in messaging technology and interactive online experiences, businesses are feeling the pressure to generate a better response rate. Personalization is a proven method to build customer relationships as well as improve response rates. 

According to a research report by New Epsilon, 80% of consumers will connect to brands that offer personalized services and custom-made solutions. 

Personalized communication has now evolved into the key decisive factor without which a business firm can’t achieve its desired ROI and goal. The element of “personal touch’ is essential to both B2B and B2C firms. 

Many companies and business firms are not realizing the potential damage that mechanization does. Customers shift from one brand to another not just because of product or service quality but the missing element of personalization

The goal of personalized messages is to reach the customers on an emotional level so that they feel connected with your company.  The ability to personalize your communications will allow your business to feel more human to your customers. Once the customer gains trust and confidence, they tend to remain loyal. 

Here is how to implement personalization to humanize the experience for your customers. 

Always Use Your Real Name

Gone are the days when using company email and phone numbers would mean more credibility. Now, these very things are too common and can escape the customer’s attention. Instead, a personalized chat with them can be helpful in this regard. 

Ask your staff to use their real emails and mobile numbers for meaningful dialogues with customers.

Random Chat with Customers

Never forget that customers are humans. Don’t treat them as your ‘source of money’. Every time you talk to customers, walk the extra mile and make him or her feel comfortable. Ask them about how they are doing and listen to each word carefully. Maintain direct eye-to-eye contact and reply to them with a pleasant smile. 

Improvise Your Communication 

One of the biggest mistakes that many organizations make is providing pre-written scripts to the sales and support team for customer support services. But it won’t help the organization in the long run. You have to tweak things a bit.

Reading out company policy and Terms to customers is alright; but after that, let executives handle the situation. Improvisation is the need of the hour. Every situation is different and your sales and support team should be able to think on the fly. A firm shouldn’t dictate how, what, and when to communicate with customers over the phone or in person. Let each staff develop their customer service skills in their style. 

Quick and Hassle-Free Transitions 

Depending upon the complicated nature of the problem, an executive may not be able to resolve a customer’s questions and problems all at once. In that case, he has to escalate the issue to another person within the organization that is better fit to resolve the issue or a supervisor.

Here, the waiting time is crucial. Whether a customer wants to talk to your supervisor in person or via telephone, you have to act quickly. 

During the waiting time, a word or two with the customers about how they feel about their products and informing them about your latest offers can do the trick. 

Make Use of Available Data

Taking a close look at the customer’s previous data can also come in handy. It will help you understand how your customer is using your product. 

Always call them at an appropriate time, not on weekends and holidays. However, sending “Hi” “Happy Birthday” and “How are you” on special days can help you maintain a friendly relationship with your customers and clients. 

Social Media Communication 

Your social media profiles create your brand identity. So, you should implement a personal approach while interacting with customers on social media. Over the last few years, several brands have been adding a human touch by mentioning their executive’s name or digital signature on their social media updates.  

It helps customers know with whom they are interacting and feel secure that someone is there to help them. You can even provide your contact details to some of these customers if needed. That’s how a brand can create a pool of its loyal customer base. 

The Conclusion

In this digital era, customers expect a personalized experience, and therefore, you need the right tool to implement an advanced personalization strategy.   

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