Best Practices Marketing Tips using Follow-Up Text Messages

Follow up Texts

Did you know follow-up text messages and reminders can increase the conversion rate by 45%? 

According to, SMS has a read rate of 98%, compared to just 20% for email – making it one of the most effective tools for growing a business. 

Today, businesses are striving to revamp their operations to serve their customers. According to, more texts than ever are being sent on a daily basis.

Companies in all verticals, including healthcare, legal, finance, salon, banking, travel, etc., are finding success with SMS Marketing. 

It is no surprise that companies are adopting Text or SMS Marketing as an efficient strategy to connect with their customers. 

Automate Text Messages for Marketing

Sending a friendly text message to remind your customers about their scheduled appointments is a great way to show your care about your customers. 

Appointment Reminder or SMS Scheduling Software can help you eliminate repetitive appointment management tasks – allowing more time to focus on business growth.

For example –  Dentists, Lawyers or Spa Owners can automate the text reminders that gently remind their customers of upcoming appointments.  

Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Text Messages

There are some fundamental Do’s and Don’ts that can make a big difference in business texting. Here are some simple rules to get you on the right path for texting  – 


  • Provide proper disclosure
  • Include your company name in the message
  • Keep the messages short
  • Personalize the messages
  • Include instructions to opt-out 
  • Consider time zones


  • Send text messages too frequently
  • Send restricted content
  • Include misleading content

When you follow the do’s and don’ts for conversational text messaging, you are likely to attract and engage more prospects. 

Best Practices for Sending Text Messages

In today’s fast-paced world, customers often forget their scheduled appointments. Sending reminder or follow-up text messages to your customers can greatly reduce no shows and help grow your business.  Follow these best practices when communicating with your customers via text.

  • Personalization

To personalize your messages, use variables or a CRM integration that links to your contact list so that your customers’ names are inserted into the message automatically.

  • Schedule at the Right Time

Automated text messaging software offers professionals the opportunity to schedule texts in advance. This automation simplifies the process of sending reminders, follow-up texts, extended feedback requests and more. 

With GReminders, you can schedule the text message reminders for days, weeks and even months. 

  • Frequency of Texts

Do not make the mistake of bombarding your customers with dozens of messages. The best practice is to schedule 2-4 texts a month, gently reminding your customers to take an additional step. 

  • Tone of the Message

A typical text message can have a maximum of 160 characters. Sometimes, you might feel the need to shorten some words or use symbols to save space. The selection of word choice and sentence-style can have a dramatic effect on the recipient’s mind. 

Wrong spelling, bad grammar and even auto-correct can make the text hard to understand. Abbreviations like – OK, THNK, ASAP etc can be used sparingly, but can be risky to use in business communication. Keep in mind that respectful language is always the best way to go and keeps your message clear.

  • Responsiveness

With a text messaging service, you are committing to a platform of communication that delivers instant messages. According to a study, nearly 20% of people read a text message within 1-minute of receiving it. 

You will remove the awkwardness of unexpected communication by putting your prospects in control and letting them opt-in for message communication. By using Automated SMS Reminder Software, you can confirm appointments, expedite sales and handle other issues as soon as they arise – as every sent and received message is archived on the messaging automation platform.  

  • Bring value to the table

Instead of blasting your subscribers with the same message each week, you should focus on smart marketing. From event alerts to discounts, updates and important announcements – you should send different kinds of messages to engage your audience.

Here are Ten Spa and Hair Appointment Reminder Templates to get started with. You can think about adding appropriate keywords that are both memorable and creative. 

Bottom Line

With a higher response rate of 63%, text messages are preferred over voice when reaching out. According to sources, two-third of respondents would switch to a company that offers text messaging as a communication channel. 

GReminders is an Automated SMS Reminder and Scheduling App that allows users to notify and remind their customers of upcoming events.

Using GReminders, you can send automated reminders or follow-up messages straight into your customers SMS inbox. All you need to do is create and schedule your text messages. Your customers will get personalized follow-up messages or reminders in their inbox at frequent intervals. 

Schedule follow-up text messages and emails to your customers using GReminders today and improve the conversion rate.

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