Top 10 Spa And Hair Appointment Reminder Templates For Your Customers

GReminders for Spa owners

In a fast-paced world, customers tend to forget their scheduled appointments with spas or hair salons. It’s natural. 

Because of daily work schedules and household responsibility, one may unintentionally forget such appointments relating to personal relaxation. Though they can reschedule it later, it may result in a loss of business opportunity for the salon or spa owner.

In such cases, GReminders, a useful appointment-reminder app, is a viable solution. It comes with plenty of features to make sure that each appointment is successful and remembered. 

The Features of App-reminding Software

Appointment Notification 

Once a customer sets an appointment for a future date, the app can automatically send them all the details of their appointment.

Automatic Reminders

GReminders automatically reminds customers about their scheduled appointment through automated reminders at staggered time slots. It sends reminders a day or two ahead of the scheduled appointment to help customers conveniently plan out their time, or even 30 minutes prior to the start of their appointment.

Booking Appointments

Appointment booking has never been easier. Instead of jotting down appointment information on MS Excel, spreadsheet, or a paper calendar, Greminders helps you set a customised URL link for your clients through which they can instantly book their own appointments. 

Customized Reminder Templates

Get a wide range of attractive and customized reminder templates for your spa and salon customers. These templates not only help your customers recall their pre-scheduled appointment, but also create a personal rapport with them. 

According to Sprout Social, 64% of customers want brands to contact them. Reminder templates are a good way to help your customers memorize your company name for their future needs. 

Creating The Best Hair And Spa Reminder Templates: Key Points

  1. The template shouldn’t exceed the 160-character SMS limit.
  2. Customize your reminder templates separately for each client.
  3. Make your reminder template a bit personalized while targeting your repeat or loyal customer. It will help you strengthen your rapport with them. 
  4. Wherever there is a scope, include some offers and discounts in the template.
  5. Your reminder templates must be courteous in all respects.
  6. All reminder templates should start with a customer’s name and greetings. 

Best Hair Reminder Template Samples

Hi, Customer’s Name! We are eagerly waiting to serve you on Date (Appointment Date) at Time (Appointment Time). Reply yes to confirm or call Telephone Number to cancel.

Hello, Customer’s Name! Don’t miss out on your pre-scheduled appointment with our hairstylist (His/ Her Name) on Appointment Date at Appointment Time. Reply yes to confirm or call Telephone Number to cancel/reschedule.

Hi Customer’s Name!  Your appointment is scheduled with our hair expert (His/ her Name) on Appointment Date at Appointment Time. Please reply here to confirm your booking slot or call Telephone Number to cancel/reschedule your appointment.

Hello Customer Name! We have confirmed your appointment with Our Hair Stylist (Stylist Name) for our premium hair spa services on the appointment date at appointment timePlease reply yes to confirm or call Telephone Number to cancel/reschedule.

Good Morning, client’s name! Your appointment with your hairstylist has been scheduled on Appointment date at appointment time. We look forward to serving you.

Best Spa Reminder Templates

Hi Customer’s Name! You have an appointment with our head massage therapist on appointment date at appointment time. Please arrive at the spa at least 10 minutes before your appointment time.

Hello Customer’s name! It’s time to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t miss out on your appointment with provider name on appointment date at appointment time and delve deep into a never-experienced-before spa therapy. Thanks!

Hi Customer’s Name, You are scheduled for a one-hour massage at our Spa on Appointment Date at Appointment Time. Press 1 to confirm or press 2 to cancel. Please contact us at Telephone Number for more details.

Hi Customer’s Name! This is a polite reminder on your scheduled Hot Stone Massage and Ice Cool Facial at our spa on Appointment Date at Appointment Time. Please reply yes to confirm or call Telephone Number to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Dear Client’s Name! Your appointment with our head massage therapist, provider name, is successfully booked for full body massage at Appointment time on Appointment Date. Please call us at Telephone Number to reschedule. 

The Conclusion

Appointment reminders are tricky. Customers sometimes forget their scheduled appointment at a hair salon or spa unless they are reminded. Moreover, a customer may be booking appointments with several other salons or spas for particular services. Customers are more likely to visit a spa or salon that keeps them informed about their scheduled appointment.

A study by SMS bump revealed that SMS has a 200%+ higher response rate than social media and email. This is how appointment reminders can help entrepreneurs and salon/spa owners grow their business exponentially, by integrating appointment reminder software into their customer support services. 
So, what are you waiting for? You should start using an appointment reminding app and see how your business soars to a new height of success. Contact GReminders now to augment your appointment booking and reminding process.

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