Use GReminders to Maximize Zoom Meeting Attendance

Maximize Zoom Attendance

Successful meetings with prospects are an important part of every business, but meetings aren’t effective if prospects fail to show up. 

Online meeting applications like Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Skype, etc., have made scheduling virtual meetings with prospects easier, but the same dilemma of no-shows is still a problem.

Using GReminders with Zoom to End No-Shows

GReminders is robust reminder software that allows you to send automated text and email reminders to your clients to arrive at just the right time. You can program reminders to go out to clients immediately after scheduling, in advance of a meeting (as often as you feel is necessary) and even schedule follow-up texts to thank clients or remind them to schedule their next appointment. 

Here’s why business professionals who use Zoom need GReminders:

Set automated reminders

Sending reminder emails or text messages to prospects is one of the best ways to ensure your prospects show up for meetings. 

Not only does automated meeting reminder software greatly reduce no-shows, but it eliminates the need to make calls to clients that can consume valuable time. 

GReminders allows you to send reminder messages – minutes, hours, or days before the meeting starts. 

When to Send Messages

24-hours ahead of the meeting

Sending a reminder 24 hours ahead of the meeting not only reminds the attendee of the meeting, but allows them to review any material ahead of time.

2-3 hours ahead of the meeting

Reminding your prospect 2-3 hours ahead of the meeting allows your prospect to reschedule the meeting if something comes up. While it may be a mild annoyance for you, it’s always better than waiting around for someone who fails to show at the time of the meeting.

5 minutes ahead of the meeting

You may even want to send a quick SMS text reminder 5 minutes before a meeting. While it may seem like overkill, busy people frequently need that last minute reminder.

Set up as many reminders as you think are necessary. The process of setting up automated reminders using GReminders takes just a couple of minutes. 

Utilizing variables

GReminders allows you to use many predefined variables such as – Title, Name, Event Time, Event Description, Zoom link, etc. , that will automatically populate to personalize your reminder and describe your meeting. 

How GReminders with Zoom Helps Boost Your Business

Meeting reminders help you remind the prospects of upcoming meetings, avoid disruptions, and reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. 

Save time & resources

Labor is a major expense of any business. Manual reminders require the support staff to spend a large portion of their time scheduling and rescheduling appointments, reminding prospects of upcoming meetings, etc. 

Automated meeting reminders can save time & resources. You can begin using the software immediately after set-up utilizing the user-friendly and intuitive interface.  

Better communication

While a phone call may seem to be a better way to remind prospects of the meeting, you may not be able to reach the individual. GReminders serves your prospects by providing communication that meets their needs while delivering a higher response rate for you.

Ensure your prospects and clients attend your next meeting by using GReminders software.

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