Comparing GReminders and Calendly: Top 4 Features

GReminders is a great alternative to Calendly. Here are four features of both GReminders and Calendly compared with each other, so that you can make an informed decision.

Setting and keeping up with your scheduled appointments is an unavoidable part of running a business today. The capitalist world is running a marathon and no marketer, big or small, can afford to keep away from it.

Remember how business appointments used to work in the early days when there was no internet or smartphones? We used to physically mark them on calendars.

Time has shown us incredible new ways to keep up with appointments. One of technology’s biggest boons is appointment scheduling software. There is a surge in the market for new such applications and service providers, each competing against the other.

Today, there are various appointment reminders & meeting scheduling apps for your business. Finding an appointment reminder tool reduces busy work and ensures your customers never feel the ‘Gap’. 

In this post, we have compared the features of GReminders and Calendly to help you understand why GReminders is a strong Calendly alternative.


GReminders is an online appointment scheduling software that helps you send SMS reminders and/or follow-ups as well as schedule appointments online.

GReminders provides a suite of appointment reminder app features that help you automate appointment reminders and save time.

GReminders can be integrated with Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex and GoToMeeting.

Find out how you can try all features of GReminders free for a week.


Calendly is a meeting and appointment scheduling software that makes appointment scheduling much simpler. 

It can be used by small and large businesses, freelancers, educational institutions and others for scheduling appointment reminders.

In spite of the popularity, Calendly does have a few drawbacks. This calls for an alternative solution. With numerous new scheduling platforms springing up in the market, how could you pick one?

Here is where GReminders is your best bet!

Can GReminders be an alternative for Calendly?

GReminders has all the features you can expect from a meeting scheduler app. Where GReminders stands out from the crowd is its extensive features.

Let us compare the features of Calendly with those of GReminders. Once you get a clearer understanding, you will know which one to choose.

The Price

GReminders: Starts at $8.95/user per month plus usage

Calendly: Starts at $8-10/user per month

With larger companies consisting of many users, paying an amount per user might be too expensive. GReminders offers you the provision to negotiate enterprise pricing options and customize them according to your requirements.

GReminders also offers special discounts if you are a non-profit.


GReminders: Easy, customizable templates with keywords that trigger specific messages.

Calendly: Offers workflow templates that help in automation.

The template features offered by both Calendly and GReminders are up to the mark. Calendly allows users to book appointments and sends them confirmation emails, reminders prior to the event and a feedback survey post the event as well.

GReminders also reminds users about important appointments via SMS/emails or voice calls. GReminders is on par with Calendly in this regard.

You can opt for either of the two according to your specific requirements.

Appointment Reminders

GReminders: Send text reminders for events on your calendar

Calendly: Send text reminders for events on Calendly

GReminders allow you to send reminders to ANY appointments or meetings on your Google Calendar / Outlook / Microsoft Office 365

On the contrary, Calendly allows you to only send reminders to the appointments or meetings booked through Calendly.


  • GReminders allows you to send reminders on ANY appointments or meetings on your calendar
  • Calendly ONLY allows you to send reminders to events booked THROUGH Calendly!
  • Calendly requires you to be on Pro Plan to send SMS Reminders.


GReminders: Zoom, GoogleMeet, GoToMeeting, Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365

Calendly: GoToMeeting, Zoom, Google Meet, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud and Google

Both Calendly and GReminders allow you to integrate with various platforms like all the important calendars and video conferencing platforms. Upon subscribing to the Pro version of Calendly, you can also integrate payment interfaces like PayPal into your scheduling software.

With more provisions for integrations with platforms like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Stripe and Facebook Pixel, Calendly scores in this realm.

In Conclusion

Choosing an Appointment Scheduling Software is based on your requirements and needs. Each company  has its own set of features that are likely to suit a heterogeneous crowd of users.

GReminders is one of the tools that you can depend on for your appointment scheduling needs. Consider this tool as assistance for your email/SMS/phone reminder requirements. In a nutshell, GReminders helps you –

  • Schedule Unlimited Events
  • Automate Email/Text Reminders
  • Integrate with multiple platforms
  • Personalize email/SMS messages
  • Connect up to 10 calendars

You can add your Custom Web Link to your website and send it to your customers with GReminders.

Check out our pricing here. Each new account comes with a free 7-day trial.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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