Using Keywords

Need to Remind yourself, your Staff, or other People you frequently interact with about a upcoming Meeting or Event? No need to enter Phone numbers into your Calendar Events, simply use Keywords as shortcuts.

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In this video I'm going to show you how to set up keywords keywords are used as a sort of shortcut.

Let's say that you have an internal group of employees that you want to send reminders to on a regular basis.

Rather than having to enter each one of their phone numbers into the system for each event you can create a keyword you will find keyword setup page by clicking on the COG wheel in the upper right hand corner.

You will then be brought to the general admin screen let's click on keywords.

As you can see our test account grant Morgan doesn't currently have any keywords set up let's add my first keyword.

You are going to want to pick a keyword that is fairly unique in that you wouldn't normally have it in a calendar event title for this video we are going to use the word staff.

Next you want to enter the phone numbers of the people that you would like to have associated with this keyword when you have more than one number you'll simply want to press return and get to a new line to enter the additional numbers you can have as many phone numbers as you would like so if you have a team of 30 that's not a problem just make sure all the phone numbers are separated on each line.

Next you will click create and you have successfully set up your first keyword.

Now let's head over to Grant Morgan's Google Calendar.

We want to create an event with this keyword in the title please make sure that you put the keyword in the event title we're going to set up a meeting with Michael Scott and after the event title I'm simply going to write our keyword staff, that word staff can be anywhere in the event title it can be before in the middle at the end it doesn't matter as long as it is in the event title.

We're going to click Save and you can see right here on our Google Calendar our event has been set up.

Now let's hop back over to our Greminders homepage this is where you will see all of your upcoming meetings.

If we scroll down we can see right here the meeting with Michael Scott and you can see that by having this keyword in there the system has pulled the phone numbers that the reminder will be sent to.

As with all events you can click on the event title and it will show you what reminder is scheduled to go out.

Setting up keywords for reminders are easy with Greminders!