Getting Started with GReminders

Eliminate your No Shows with GReminders

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Need to Remind yourself, your Staff, or other People you frequently interact with about a upcoming Meeting or Event? No need to enter Phone numbers into your Calendar Events, simply use Keywords as shortcuts.

Greminders as a service designed exclusively for Google Calendar users, it lets you send appointment reminders to your clients and customers and also allows them to book meetings with you directly because Greminders is designed for Google you must be a Google Gmail user and use Google Calendar as your primary calendar.

The first thing you're going to want to do is click this sign in with Google you're going to choose which account you would like to set up you may have multiple accounts and then you're going to just allow a few permissions.

This will allow our system to access your calendar in order to send your event reminders you're going to need to fill out your profile very important for you to put your mobile number in here and also your title at your company.

You know if you have a website you can also put that in right here click continue answer a few questions and Greminders is now connected to your calendar.

To send out our first reminder we will need to tell the system a phone number to send reminders to you do this by making sure your calendar events have a phone number somewhere in the title or the description so let's jump over to our Google Calendar we have some upcoming events we're gonna edit one of these so we're going to add a phone number up here in the event title.

You could also add it down here in this description area make sure you save that.

John Smith here has a phone number attached to it we're going to go back to Greminders we're going to refresh our page to make sure it is synced you can see now our John Smith has a phone number attached to it and you can actually click on this event in G reminders and it will show that you have a message sent to go out.

It'll tell you what it's going to say every account has a 24-hour reminder already in the system if you want to customize your reminders please watch the Greminders templates video.

That's it! This should drastically reduced your no-shows!