GReminders is Your Affordable Virtual Assistant

GReminders is your affordable virtual assistant

Virtual Assistants have become very popular recently, helping busy professionals cope with time-consuming administrative tasks.  This frees up the professional to spend time on more productive and profitable activities.

For many professionals, including therapists, financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, etc., client meetings can be the most profitable part of their business. Unfortunately, time spent scheduling meetings, handling cancellations, rescheduling, and reminding clients to show up, certainly is not a profit center.

That is why many have turned to utilize virtual assistants. With the cost of a VA running approximately $100 a day, it is less expensive than hiring a full-time employee but can still take a big bite out of the budget.

Primary Services Offered by Virtual Assistants

Among the primary tasks performed by VA’s are:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Scheduling Group Events
  • Handling Cancellations and Reschedules
  • Reminding clients of their scheduled appointments
  • Keeping calendars updated with appointment confirmations
  • Alerting the professional of new meetings on their calendar
  • Reminding the professional of their upcoming meetings
  • Reminding employees to attend staff meetings

All of the above can be handled for a fraction of the price using GReminders software.

How to Use GReminders as a Virtual Assistant

Using GReminders’ automated appointment scheduling, your clients can schedule their own appointments with you online, and even handle their own rescheduling without taking a minute of your time. You can even let GReminders handle Group Events for you as well!

When clients book appointments with you online, you’ll receive a text and/or email notification that an appointment has been scheduled, what type of appointment it is, and how long the appointment is scheduled to last.

With our automated text appointment reminders, you no longer have to call clients to confirm their appointments. Simply set up however many reminders you feel are necessary, and when you would like them to go out, and the process is completely automated. You can customize the text of the reminder so you can make it as personal as you like. You can even include a voice message reminder if you like!

When your clients confirm their appointments with you, you’ll receive a notification via text message and/or email (you decide when setting up the program) and a small checkmark will appear on your calendar next to the appointment. No more wondering if the client will no-show.

By using GReminders, not only can you remind your clients to show up for meetings, but if you have trouble wrangling your team together for internal meetings, you can set up specific reminders for staff meetings.

Finally, using GReminders’ personal reminders feature, you can receive reminders of upcoming appointments. If you find yourself always running late and ill-prepared when a client walks in the door, this could be an invaluable tool to use to make sure you’re always ready for your next meeting.

You’ll Have to Pick up Your Own Laundry

Sure, GReminders won’t pick up your laundry or write your next social media post, but it can offer you an extremely affordable way to accomplish many of the administrative tasks that can take up much of your valuable time.

In fact, some GReminder users are actual Virtual Assistants who have found automating the appointment scheduling and reminder tasks for their employers just makes a lot of sense.

Start putting all of the capabilities of GReminders to work for you. Think of it as your VA appointment app!

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