Using the Location Field

Use the Location field on your Calendar

The location field in your Google or Outlook Calendar is very handy. It is best practice to use this field to represent WHERE the event will take place.

This field should contain:

  • A physical address (assuming you will meet in person)
  • A Phone number (e.g. Jack will call you at XXX-XXX-XXXX)
  • A Web Meeting Link such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams (e.g.
In Google
In Outlook

Once you use this location field in your Calendar, you can use this information in your Reminder Templates.

If you want to have the reminder contain the location address add the {{event.location}} variable into your reminder template:

You can find the Event Location variable in the dropdown menu.

This variable will pull in the Address or Text that’s in the Location field on your calendar event.

You can also use the “Event Location” option in the Custom Criteria field to create criteria for building custom reminders tied to location.

If your Location contains URLs or Links, when used in conjunction with our URL Shortner it will generate nice short URLs for SMS messages.

Give it a try and if you have any questions, please contact support here.

Happy scheduling!

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