Managing Reminders for Different Locations

Managing reminders for different location

Do you have multiple locations that you are trying to send SMS reminders for? With GReminders, it is easy to send different reminders for different locations.

There are basically 2 ways to send different reminders for each location. You can have 2 separate calendars or you can have different phrases that will trigger different reminder templates.

Separate Calendars

If you choose to have 2 different calendars, you can easily make a different reminder template for each calendar. 

If you click on the cog wheel in the upper right corner, you will bring up your Admin Screen. Click on “Templates”. You will need to expand the “Criteria” section to bring up the advanced options. 

Choose that you want “calendar name”  and then “equals exactly” in the next drop down, and then type in the exact name of that calendar. Adjust the wording of the body to reflect what wording you would like, click save, and you are good to go. This reminder will only fire for the calendar name that you submitted in the template. Repeat this process for each of your calendars, and they will each get their own unique reminder.

Using Identifying Words to Manage your Locations

If you would like to keep everything on one calendar, there is another way that you can differentiate between your two locations. In the same template screen under “criteria”, after expanding that box, it will automatically contain “Event Title” and “Contains the Word”, In the final box, simply type a specific name that will differentiate between your two locations.

Reminder template advanced criteria

In this case, we have 2 locations. Let’s say that they are Irvine and Newport. In your calendar event, you would simply add the word “Irvine” or “Newport” into the event title and it will trigger the corresponding reminder to fire.

Event Title

When you click back into your GReminders homepage, you will see your event. If you click on the event title, you will see what reminder is going to go out to your customer. 

Location template

Make sure you create a different template for each of your locations, and make sure that you tag your appointments properly in your calendar. 

Using GReminders to manage multiple locations is a piece of cake!

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