Google Calendar Limits

Google Calendar Limits on Bookings

If you are using Google Calendar for high number of meeting bookings, be aware of limits in the Google Universe.

Now, a high number really needs to be a high number like 25,000+ new calendar events in a short time period, or more than several thousand calendar invites in a short period. But the limits do exist, and if you are using the calendar for large event registrations, or similar you may encounter this.

Pay close attention to this article here:

There are different limits for FREE ( type users vs Paid Google Workspace/GSuite domains/users.

Note: Some Calendar use limits are automatically increased when:

  • Your domain has cumulatively paid at least USD $100 (or equivalent), and
  • At least 60 days have passed since achieving that payment threshold.

If you reach these limits please reach out to Google and/or upgrade your Google account to unblock these limits with Google.

You can also always contact [email protected] if you need help.

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